It’s our birthday!

Happy Birthday DQRC!

Today is the Deaf Queer Resource Center’s 19th birthday! Whoooo! In Internet time, we’re ancient (but hey, we’re young at heart!). And yes, we know. Our website is woefully outdated. A lot of sections have been taken offline and archived. We’ve had a lot in the works but no time to make it happen. We hope to get the website revamped by our next birthday. If you’d like to help out (DQRC is run entirely by volunteers), hit us up. In the meantime, follow us on the following social media outlets:

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Some brief history:

Founded on September 1, 1995, the Deaf Queer Resource Center’s (DQRC) website was the very first website on the Internet by, for, and about the Deaf Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer communities. The website was instrumental in helping bring our community together on a national level and has brought much visibility, awareness, empowerment, and pride to the community over the years. Through POV Cafe and #deafqueer Chat, DQRC also provided the community with a supportive safe space to come out at a time when it was very difficult for many to do so. It also provided space to discuss a multitude of important issues safely and anonymously. And through FLASH (an email e-zine), DQRC helped keep the community informed. With the advent of social media, there became less of a need for these type of services and much of the website has since been archived. These days, much of DQRC’s work takes place behind the scenes. We continue to provide peer support, information and referrals, and educational workshops, and also have a presence on social media.

Curious to learn more about DQRC’s history? Check out this interview with Drago that was conducted by Zookie 11 years ago on our 8th birthday:

Happy birthday, DQRC!