PRDS Steps Down as RAD Conference Host


January 22, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia

This is an official announcement that Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society, Inc. (PRDS) has decided to terminate our role as the host committee for the 20th Biennial Rainbow Alliance for the Deaf (RAD) Conference that was to be held on July 3-7, 2007 in Atlanta.

The reasons for our decision are:

1) Insufficient funding received to run the conference

2) Lack of support from agencies, organizations as well as individuals

3) Difficulties with the conference hotels

PRDS has not made a final decision regarding purchased combo tickets. We will send out information about this very soon.

It is the understanding that RAD Board will be hosting the conference in Atlanta. If you need more information, please contact to:

Bob Donaldson, RAD President. His e-mail is president @

RAD will send out more information soon.

PRDS is enormously disappointed not to be able to host the conference as planned.

(( Submitted by Jimmy and Sam on behalf of PRDS ))

One thought on “PRDS Steps Down as RAD Conference Host”

  1. Hmm… lack of support from agencies, organizations? I’m quite surprised… I thought PRDS is one of the most organized Deaf gay organization here in USA… I guess I was wrong… I remember few years back when they asked me permission to use the artwork for selling TShirts and they were selling out fast…

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