Atlanta RAD Conference Still On


January 23, 2007

Important information regarding the RAD 2007 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Board of the Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf is sad to report that it has received a letter from PRDS (Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society) indicating that they are withdrawing as hosts of the upcoming RAD conference.

The RAD Board has discussed this at length and it was decided, via a majority vote that the RAD Board will be taking over as hosts of the RAD Conference in Atlanta. As of right now, the conference date will remain the same which is July 3rd-8th, 2007. The conference is NOT cancelled.

The RAD Board thanks PRDS for its hard work to date and for their cooperation in making this a smooth transition. At this time, PRDS is working on decisions regarding funds raised for the conference, especially the combo ticket money they have collected thus far. RAD and PRDS will be entering negotiations regarding these funds and also any other funds raised for conference expenses. A new announcement with more information will be forthcoming when these decisions have been made.

For those of you who have current reservations with the original hotel, it is strongly suggested that you cancel your reservations, due to the fact that the hotel will be closed for renovations. You should not be penalized in any way for this cancellation.

We ask you as loyal conference attendees to remember, this is not the first time that RAD Board has hosted the RAD Conference. We hosted the Orlando RAD Conference in 2003 and it was very successful. We anticipate the same kind of success for Atlanta this summer.

We will provide more information as soon as possible. For the time being, please wait until you hear further information from RAD thru RADchapters, FLASH, and on website. And also please spread the word that the conference is NOT cancelled; the only thing changing is who your hosts are.

(( Submitted by RAD ))

8 thoughts on “Atlanta RAD Conference Still On”

  1. That’s great that RAD conference keep going! It’s good to have other organization or people pick up where it’s left off.

    Keep it up!

  2. RAD/ PRDS
    I want to hat off to PRDS who had been hard work in arrange the conference in the past. However, it is sadden for them to sacrifice as hosting.
    I wish I could help them, because I had richly experienced as chairperson for RAD 1999 in New Orleans. We had a huge successful one. Even our committees and I had been struggle with everything and in spite of someone who tried to destroy our chapter, but we defeat with an evil leader of the other group.
    To prove that we were strong teamwork and faith to make it happens. This is my treasure memory of RAD conference in New Orleans.
    I wish the same with PRDS being strong bond and faith.
    Wishing RAD and PRDS Good Luck and be Faith! We are looking forward to attend the upcoming conference in Atlanta!
    We, all are support PRDS and waving hands!
    Bruce Dunn
    Former RAD’99 Chair
    New Orleans, Louisiana

  3. I’ve never hosted a conference before so I have no idea what’s involved. However, I do know they had 4 years to plan, raise funds and make the conference happen. I do not understand why they would drop the ball 5 months before the conference. It really makes them (PRDS) look irresponsible.

  4. For Tom,
    I read your comment and stated “It really makes them (PRDS) look irresponsible”. This is negative reaction that can hurt PRDS. You should say in positive way and just not understand what happend. They might can answer your question.
    In fact I understand that the hotel was ” kick in their face” in last mintue they were not expected. They did tried hard to find other hotel. I am telling you in Atlanta always booked every hotel and many events there all the time. It is not easy to find one.
    They did happened before with GLADE, was not easy to find hotel till found one left in very close to upcoming GLADE conefernce. This is small not big like RAD. That’s different size of attendees in regional and national conference.

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