Wright May Get Death Penalty


The death penalty will be on the table when the murder trial of Daphne Wright begins next month. A judge dismissed a motion by Wright’s attorneys to have the death penalty thrown out in the case of the Sioux Falls deaf woman.

Daphne Wright, who’s been deaf since early childhood, is accused of killing another deaf woman, Darlene VanderGiesen, just over a year ago. Wright’s lawyer argued the death penalty should not apply in her case because of her deafness. But Judge Bradley Zell ruled that the death penalty would not be cruel and unusual punishment if Wright is found guilty.

Experts testified today that Daphne Wright is a bright woman. But that her deafness makes it difficult for her to understand abstract legal concepts, even with trained interpreters in the courtroom. Her lawyers said Wright would not have the same ability to defend herself as a hearing person could and therefore, the death penalty should not apply in her murder trial.

But prosecutors argued that Wright was able to communicate effectively with police investigating the murder of Darlene VanderGiesen. She not only answered questions posed by police, but she also asked questions herself.

The judge ruled that neither the constitution nor state law protects deaf people from capital punishment, citing three cases since 1951 when deaf defendants across the country were given the death penalty.

Darlene VanderGiesen’s parents were in the courtroom. They said they did not contact the judge about their thoughts on the death penalty. And they wouldn’t comment about the ruling. But they did tell me it was difficult sitting through the motions hearing.

Source: Kelo TV News

6 thoughts on “Wright May Get Death Penalty”

  1. i do agree put her death… she know what murder mean.. no lame… i dont believe she is 3rd grade…. she looking for lame…. sorry my tough love…

  2. I am opposed to death sentence. I rather to see her having hell jail in her life. I rather to see her die in jail….

  3. She should be in jail rest of life – that way she gets a lot of thoughts and Lord will always give her chance for remorseful and forgiven if asking.

  4. I think Daphne should have been put to dead penalty because Darlene was innocent and not get chance to live on since her parents are still around and it is hard on them. It is not fair if Daphne has been alive and sitting in the jail otherwise Darlene is gone so she should dead too for not letting Darlene to be alive.

  5. Two points:

    1) “An eye for an eye makes everyone blind.”

    2) Some of you are already convicting her and her case hasn’t even gone to trial yet. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty”?

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