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March 2, 2007

Important information regarding the RAD 2007 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

Those of you who are still waiting on Combo Ticket refunds from PRDS will be given additional time to mail in a new check to RAD for a new Combo Ticket. We had previously set the deadline to March 1. Now, you have an additional month to get a new check to us, in order to keep the same rate you had with PRDS to April 2nd.

RAD has signed the contract with our host hotel, the Marriott Atlanta Perimeter Center. The Marriott has given us the code you’ll need to reserve your room. Tell them your code, RAD Conference and you’ll get the room for $99.00 per night. Outstanding deal, so please take advantage of it. Look on at for more information on our host hotel.


RAD needs your help. As you know, this year’s conference is being planned, organized and run by the RAD Board of Directors. We need volunteers to help with everything from registration, interpreting, SSP, hallway monitors, hospitality and so forth. We are also looking for some more coordinators, to serve on the core committee. We have the following positions available:

Volunteer Coordinator
SSP/Interpreter Coordinator
Workshops Coordinator
Program Book Coordinator

If you have any questions, or if you would like to volunteer for one of these core positions, or to volunteer during the week of the conference, please contact RAD President at

Also, look on our website, under Volunteers to see a form we have developed for people interested in volunteering at our conference.

Save the Date!
RAD 2007 Conference will be in Atlanta on July 3 to July 8.

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8 thoughts on “Latest RAD 2007 Conference News”

  1. Three months until conference and they are barely put together the core committee? Not good sign.

  2. I support RAD because they are willing to take over the conference if PRDS cannot perform their job. RAD Board work hard to encourage everyone to attend the conference. If not then we do not have a conference at all. Please support RAD. RAD Board, great job with short time!

  3. tell you truth i don’t know what to think. i keep hear about war with pdrs and rad board. sounds like rad board mess up and now stuck with conference themselves. i do not think it will be good one. sorry to say it. hope rad board will do better job to work with wcrad in chicago so it is not screw up again. please go see what ridor say about rad.

  4. I’m surprised the conference is still happening. I’m not involved with PRDS so I don’t know what’s going on. I was planning to attend the conference before all this drama happened since I live 1 1/2 hours from Atlanta.

    I’m thinking of volunteering but am wondering what’s in it for volunteers? Will RAD give volunteers free combo ticket or discount on registration? Free hotel room? Anything? Or we will be expected to do all the slave work while RAD gets all the credit and profit? Hmmm.

  5. All of us should go and support RAD, especially in their time of need. Remember if you don’t support RAD it will not be here for future generations.

  6. Wonder if there will be deaf transsexuals that will attend RAD? Let me KNOW!

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