Daphne Wright’s parents watch as daughter stands trial for murder

By Josh Verges

Daphne Wright’s parents arrived in court this morning, moments before
testimony began in the second day of her capital murder trial.

Wright smiled and gestured toward her mother, then turned around and
wiped away tears.

Jeff Larson, chief deputy public defender, greeted her father with a
handshake and a half hug.

Jackie Chesmore spent an hour on the witness stand.

She testified that she met Wright online in 1998 and then in person a
year later. After a brief romantic relationship ended, Wright moved
in to Chesmore’s Sioux Falls home at 1806 S. Phillips Ave.

Chesmore said she worked from 1 p.m. to midnight the day Darlene
VanderGiesen disappeared.

Two days later, after prosecutors say Wright chopped up
VanderGiesen’s body, Chesmore said Wright was clearing carpet and
cement out of her unfinished basement.

That night, Chesmore said, Wright left to take the basement trash to
a Dumpster down the street. She said she became angry when it took
Wright more than four hours to return.

Wright told her she’d gone to a store and lost her wallet.

Testimony will resume later this morning with Sioux Falls police
Detective Mike Olson.

(( Source: Argus Leader ))

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