Prosecution: Wright’s bank account activity points to guilt

By Josh Verges

Prosecution witnesses today tried to explain why, if Daphne Wright
killed Darlene VanderGiesen, she waited two days to dismember the

Barb Kluthe, a U.S. Bank employee, testified to three days of
Wright’s bank transactions.

Wright’s checking account had $21 on Feb. 1, 2006, the day
VanderGiesen disappeared. The next day, she had an overdraft of $13.

But after a Supplemental Security Income check came in Feb. 3, Wright
had $600 in the account and another $200 in her pocket after making
an early morning ATM withdrawal.

The state intends to prove Wright bought a chainsaw and trash bags
that day, hacked up VanderGiesen’s body at the knees and torso, and
discarded the pieces at multiple locations.

Prosecutors implied Wright waited for the check to arrive before
buying the chainsaw.

(( Source:  Argus Leader ))

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