Wright Trial: Landfill Evidence Linked To Wright’s Home

By Lou Raguse

A crime scene technician for the Sioux Falls police department
testified that much of the evidence found at the Sioux Falls landfill
links Daphne Wright to the crime.

Wright is accused of killing and dismembering Darlene VanderGiesen.

Forensic chemist Jessica Lichty says when searchers found
VanderGiesen’s pelvis and upper legs, it was wrapped in
duck-patterned bed sheets.  Wright’s roommate Jacki Chesmore
testified Tuesday she owns those bed sheets. The body parts wrapped
in sheets were then placed in a black garbage bag. Lichty says the
bag matches those found in Wright’s garage.

A Walgreen’s employee testified Wednesday she sold Wright a package
of Hefty lawn bags on Feb. 3.

Searchers also found pieces orange carpet at the landfill near the
body. Lichty says it matches the carpet found rolled up in Wright’s

When Lichty searched Wright’s vehicle, she found a blood stain on the
rear bumper. And Lichty says the passenger-side door appeared to be
wiped down with a sponge.

Prosecutors believed Wright used that vehicle to dump VanderGiesen’s
body parts in a dumpster and a Minnesota ditch on Feb. 3.

Lichty also testified about blood stains covered by blue paint
throughout Wright’s basement.

The prosecution is still questioning Lichty.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))

2 thoughts on “Wright Trial: Landfill Evidence Linked To Wright’s Home”

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  2. I heard the story alot abt Wright…I think she should put in jail for rest of life isntead of death row…if she put death row she wont worry she will not have suffer…rather put in jail and give her suffer and depression and mental she must learn lesson cuz deaf world are small…shame to hear…and I know Sallie Collins she is very sweet person …..Wright make me disguest she is murder shame to hear….pls put her in jail rest of life…..thank you..

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