Nelson gives closing argument: Victim died a ‘horrific death’

Darlene VanderGiesen suffered a horrific death at the hands of Daphne Wright, Minnehaha County State’s Attorney Dave Nelson said moments ago during his closing statement.

VanderGiesen’s body “was desecrated in ways we can not find words to describe,” Nelson told the jurors.

“She was cut up into 4 pieces by a chain saw,” he said. “When you hear the word accident, imagine what it must have been like to have that chain saw tear Darlene apart.”

Prosecutors maintain that after kidnapping and murdering VanderGiesen, Wright sawed her body at the knees and waist, and tried to burn the parts before disposing of them in a Dumpster and a Minnesota highway ditch.

“If it were up to this defendant, (Darlene) would find her eternal grave at the Sioux Falls Sanitary Landfill among a bunch of household trash. When you hear accident, think about that grave.”

(( Source:  Argus Leader ))

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