Wright Jury: No Verdict Reached as of Yet

The jury in the Daphne Wright Trial began deliberations late this afternoon after closing arguments. Deliberations ended shortly after 9:30 PM with no immediate verdict reached.

The jury has been sequestered and will continue deliberations tomorrow morning at 9 AM.

A verdict is expected sometime tomorrow, though it could take anywhere from several days to several weeks.

We’ll continue to provide you with news reports as they become available.

One thought on “Wright Jury: No Verdict Reached as of Yet”

  1. Daphne Wright was guilty. Jurors have convicted a deaf woman of killing another deaf woman from Sioux Falls on all three counts. Daphne Wright cried as the verdict was read early this afternoon in Sioux Falls. Jurors will now consider whether to sentence her to death by letehal injection.

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