Wright Trial: Prosecution’s Closing Argument

By Lou Raguse
In his closing argument this afternoon, State’s Attorney Dave Nelson asked the jury to review the “mountain of evidence” against murder suspect Daphne Wright and return with a guilty verdict.

Nelson laid out why he believes Wright had the motive, the opportunity, the means, and the physical ability to kill Darlene VanderGiesen.

On top of that, Nelson told the jury physical evidence, DNA evidence, and Wright’s own words prove she’s guilty.

The prosecutor pointed to the lies Wright told during a videotaped interview with police. He pointed to notes she wrote during the investigation containing details only the killer would know.

Nelson also spent time dismissing “innuendo and suspicion” the defense used in presenting it’s case. If the death was an accident, as Wright’s lawyers allude, “Why would Wright put a plastic bag over VanderGiesen’s head to finish her off?” Nelson asked the jury to consider.

The jury can find Wright guilty of lesser homicide charges if the evidence doesn’t support first-degree murder. But Nelson called that “a compromised verdict.”

“A compromised verdict is unjust and should never be considered,” Nelson said.

Wright’s lawyers give their closing argument next.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))

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