Alternate juror: Prosecution in Daphne Wright trial had a better case

By Melaine Brandert

Hearing the gruesome details of a slaying and dismemberment was an intensely emotional and draining experience for Lisa Cox.

Cox, who weighed the evidence with jurors every day during Daphne Wright’s trial, believes prosecutors presented a better case.

“It’s so exhausting to deal with,” said Cox, 35. “It was information overload some days.”

The Sioux Falls woman was one of three alternate jurors who heard the testimony.

Her service ended when arguments wrapped up Wednesday and 12 jurors began their deliberations.

Wright was convicted Thursday in the death of Darlene VanderGiesen and could become the state’s first woman on death row.

Cox, a mother of three, said she agreed with the decision her fellow jurors made.

“I think they made the right choice with the evidence we were presented with,” she said.

The prosecution presented a better case, meeting its burden of proof, Cox said.

(( Source:  Argus Leader ))

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