Wright Verdict Generates Worldwide Coverage

By Perry Groten

News of the guilty verdict in the Daphne Wright murder trial quickly spread from one corner of the globe to the other thanks to the Internet. Some of the worldwide coverage borders on the sensational.

The headlines are eye-catching but in some cases stretch the truth. A T-V station in New Zealand characterized Daphne Wright’s murder of Darlene Vandergiesen as a “lesbian chainsaw massacre.” But one user responded that the killing “has nothing to do with someone’s sexual orientation.”

A newspaper in Sydney, Australia also implies the murder weapon was a chain saw – when in fact, it wasn’t. A Website called News Net 14 even includes a picture of a bloody chain saw.

We found hundreds of news websites offering details about Daphne Wright’s trial. Many articles highlight that it’s South Dakota’s first capital punishment crime involving a woman defendant. Many stories stick to the facts, but in other sites you have to wade through the loaded language of hype to get at the facts.

National and international news organizations have been following the case ever since the gruesome details of the murder were made public. And worldwide interest will remain strong through the penalty phase of the trial.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))

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