Sioux Falls Police Chief Reacts To Wright Case

By Ben Dunsmoor

Among the other people who were in the courtroom Wednesday night was Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel.

Barthel says this is by far the biggest murder case his department has investigated under his leadership. The police department had the gruesome task of digging through the landfill looking for Darlene VanderGiesen’s remains and searching Daphne Wright’s house for evidence

He says he’s happy the VanderGiesens can now put all of that behind them and he hopes the end of the trial will give them some closure.

Chief Doug Barthel says, “We’ve been involved in it and became personally attached to it throughout and so we felt it important to be with it all the way to the end.”

Barthel says he supports the jury’s decision to sentence Daphne Wright to life in prison without parole.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))

5 thoughts on “Sioux Falls Police Chief Reacts To Wright Case”

  1. I just want to say thank you for your great work keeping the Deaf readers in the loop with all the updated news regarding Darlene’s murder case.

    Thank you!


  2. Well, now she will be locked away and can not harm any one else. She will have enough trouble staying alive in prison..
    Thanks so much for keeping us IN THE KNOW,,
    Tot Ziens

  3. Once I met you at the Deaf Center more than a year ago. Anyway, I am pleased and thanked you for working hard to get a hard evidence against her. Also your team reseached at the landfill and other place in East Minn, are a great job. Keep up your job. I agreed what the juries’ decision for her. Congrat!!!!

  4. Am glad to see Daphne is getting life in prison. I feel death penalty is bit too quick, for her to spend the rest of her life in prison will be ten times worse than getting injected. Kudos to jurors for making the right decision.

  5. I really appreciate all the time and energy you have invested in keeping us informed of the proceedings. THANK YOU from all of us “little people” here in the barren landscape..

    Its sad to see anyone sent to prison for life. I’ve worked with Deaf people in prisons, and they are always victimized by the other prisoners. I hope Daphne has the strength to survive the challenges ahead.

    Will anyone be working with her, or with the South Dakota Corrections Department (or whatever its called), to insure she has access to information and a safe place to live? I worry that the Deaf community in SD will abandon her. Even though she was found guilty of a terrible crime, she is still a Deaf woman who needs support.

    Please don’t forget Daphne..

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