Wright Jurors Leave With Special Bond

By Ben Dunsmoor

Weeks of testimony and evidence may have been emotionally draining for jurors but  they also came out of the trial with a unique bond.

Serving on a jury can be a life changing event. And the jurors who decided the guilt and fate of Daphne Wright say they’ll always remember the people who were part of those decisions.

They spent more than two weeks of their lives together. And, these jury members say they’ll take more than just the hard facts and evidence away from their role in the Daphne Wright murder trial.

Juror Erin Frost-Elshami says, “The silver-lining is the people I met through this.”

When they rode away from the courthouse aboard a bus Wednesday night, the jurors say they left with a bond that few people will understand.

Juror Mary Kirkus says, “We came in the first day of the trial 15 strangers in a room we looked across from each other not knowing anything about anybody. We left 12 people on that night with a bond of friendship between us that no one would ever know about unless they sat in those dark courtrooms locked in with all that evidence with us.”

And they say if they need someone to talk with about the images and evidence that bond will help them cope.

Juror  Marilyn Van Zanten says, “The only ones that are going to understand that are the people you served with, so you have to use them as your ‘debriefers’ let’s say.”

Because sitting in a jury box for hours, days, and weeks on end will not only result in a verdict and a sentence, it can create friendships.

Juror Frost -Elshami says, “I loved everybody on this jury.”

One juror says it’s hard to explain the emotion they went through in making the decisions that’s just one more reason why they expect to keep in touch.

(( Source:  KELOLAND TV ))

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