Come one, Come all!


For those of you who are planning to attend Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (RAD) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in July 3-8, 2007 and have not yet registered and reserved your hotel room at Marriott Perimeter Center, now it’s the time to do so!

For those of you have not bought your combo tickets for RAD conference. We are still accepting registrations.

For those who wish to buy Individual tickets, go to:

For those who need combo tickets, go click the link:

Please click the link below to make your Hotel reservations!!

Saturday, June 30, 2007 to Sunday, July 8, 2007
Room Rates $99.00 (can hold up to 4 people)

Cut off date for reservations: June 11, 2007

Come and let’s have fun!! Hope to see all of you there!!

(( Submitted by RAD ))

8 thoughts on “Come one, Come all!”

  1. Who is “RAD Buster”? Why not stand behind your comments with your name? If you think it is lousy why don’t you get involved and change it if you don’t like how it is? From my experience with other organizations, people are quick to complain and bitch but are not so willing to help out to change things.

  2. RAD 2007 Conference is for YOU! RAD Board took over because PRDS back out due to their own decision, nothing to do with RAD Board. The Conference is still GO this July. Please support each other than attack each other. We are adults and I plan on having a good time in Atlanta.

  3. I have been going to RAD and almost never missed RAD since 1983. Attending RAD is always my favorite time of my life, meeting all new and old faces. I always have a blast there. Now I am involved in International Deaf Leather (IDL) as VP and co-chair of IDL 2007. In fact, IDL 2007 contests for International Ms. Deaf Leather, Int’l Mr. Deaf Leather and Int’l Deaf Leatherboy will be held there at RAD same hotel (Marriott) in Atlanta on Friday, July 6. Please check out for more information and even purchase ticket online at Come on one and all! Hope to see you there. Hugzzzz, Bob RRR

  4. RAD is mostly for old people. Look who involved. No young people there. About the leather: I don’t think they are sick but I don’t think it should be part of RAD either. It should be separate event, not during RAD. Just my opinion.

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