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RAD 2007 ATLANTA CONFERENCE (July 3 – 8, 2007)

There are a few changes you need to know if you plan to register for the RAD 2007 Atlanta Conference. Combo tickets or individual tickets for events with food must be purchased by June 20th! We do this so we can let the hotel know the number of meals in advance.

Between now and June 1st we will accept personal checks, cashier’s check or money orders. From June 2nd to June 20th we will only accept cashier’s checks and money orders.

If you send in your registration by mail and it’s postmarked no later than June 20, 2007, that will be fine. We will not accept any registration postmarked after June 20. You may buy combo (if we have any tickets left) or individual tickets at conference at Registration Desk between July 3 and 7. Remember you probably can’t get a meal for the Pageant Dinner Show if you wait to buy ticket at registration. We will only accept money orders and cash.

We will not sell individual tickets for meals for RAD Pageant or Dinner and Awards Show at the door. We will sell individual tickets for events without meals at the registration.

We need to know if you are planning to attend the following events:

RAD Pageant Dinner/Show Thursday night (must purchased by June 20th)
RAD Dinner/Awards/Show Saturday Night (must purchased by July 4th at 2 PM)
RAD Sunday Brunch (must purchased by July 4th at 2 PM)

Please check our web site, www.rad.org and click on RAD 2007 Conference for registration information and individual prices. Please buy your tickets now.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions. Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Updated Information on Registration”

  1. Hello, all!!

    Please mark July 5 and 6 on your calendar with red ink!!! Why? Because they are very big nights for the International Deaf Leather (IDL) 2007 contest!

    Since 1991, International Deaf Leather (IDL) has been producing their contest and donating a portion of its proceeds to the charity beneficiary of their choice. This year, it takes place in conjunction with the Rainbow Alliance of Deaf (RAD) conference at the Marriott Hotel in Atlanta, GA. Our charity beneficiary for this year is the Helen Keller National Center, located in Atlanta, GA.

    Please come on and watch hot deaf leatherboys, hot deaf leatherwomen and hot deaf leathermen as they are competing for the titles of International Deaf Leatherboy, International Ms. Deaf Leather and International Mr. Deaf Leather respectively!

    On the judging panel of the IDL 2007 contest are boy “b”, International Deaf Leatherboy 2006; Leather Cat, International Ms. Deaf Leather 2005 & 2006; Steve Kennedy, International Mr. Deaf Leather 2006; Sir Dexter Edmond, International LeatherSIR 2005 and Chris Merritt, President of Georgia Association of the Deaf. Alternative judge is Philip Rubin, International Mr. Deaf Leather 1991. Emcee is Patrick Richardson, International Mr. Deaf Leather 1997. Tallymaster is Billy Raby, Mr. Santa Clara County Leather 1998.

    For more information about IDL 2007 events, please visit the website: http://www.IDL2007.org. There is now on-line payment available for either contest combo (including dinner) or contest-only on this website! But we still accept checks or money orders. Just click “Ticket”.

    If you wish to make any donation, please feel free to click “Sponsors” on this website. Also, there is a contest application available for anyone interested in competing. Please be sure to check up on website frequently as there will be updated information later on.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask either IDL 2007 co-chairs Bob Rourke at IMDL1999@cox.net and Jose’ Granda at CUBANOJG1@aol.com.

    We sincerely hope to see you there. Your support would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you very much!!!

    Respectfully yours,

    Danny Carbonell
    IDL 2007 Public Relations

    IDL 2007 Contest Ticket Sale

    Combo (both dinner & contest) – $65 until May 31
    Contest – $40 until May 31

    After May 31, they will increase to $75 and $50 respectively. Please purchase them and save some money before that date!

    Please go to http://www.idl2007.org and purchase online there. Also, please stay tuned for more updates later.

  2. I am very uncomfortable with leather stuff. I think it is very abusive and wrong. Someone told me it is not official part of R.A.D. so why are you posting it here? Makes me sick to see it here. Very turn off.

  3. Leather is like a stripper. Belongs to the pathetic audience.
    I ain’t a machoist! No thanx!

  4. Ha. Interesting thread here. I don’t mind the leather Sadomacho people. I get a big kick out of watching them make fools of themselves on stage. Last time I went to one of their contests I couldn’t stop laughitn my ass off.

  5. I believe that anyone is welcome to the RAD. RAD opens for everyone. No matter what. I just hope RAD and IDL will respect each other.

    John D

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