RAD Conference: Day One

Libby Pollard

DQRC is currently a Member-at-Large on the RAD board. Our day began with a board meeting followed by a delegate orientation. As with previous conferences, the majority of delegates this year are newbies.

In the afternoon, board members and delegates were treated to a Parliamentary Procedure workshop given by Libby Pollard. This is Libby’s second RAD conference. She served as our Parliamentarian at the 2005 conference in D.C. (which was quite a culture shock for this grandmother of 15). We’re happy to have her back.

A private President’s reception was next which mainly consisted of board, committee and delegate members. The official opening ceremony then took place followed by a night of socializing.

More people continue to arrive.







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2 thoughts on “RAD Conference: Day One”

  1. Libby had done a terrific job in traning the newbies during the Delegate’s orienation meeting.

    RAD ought to hire and keep Libby on for a few more conference since she is getting to know the organziation and is very neutral, she does not favor anybody. I guess that helps cuz she is not one of us as a lesbain. RAD needs her to help us to keep our structure and system together.

    She maybe expensive but she’s worth every penny.

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