RAD Conference: Small, Intimate Feel

The on-going question we get are how many are here. We hunted down current RAD Treasurer Larry Pike for the answer. He said over 100 registrants. Exact number of won’t be known until the end of the conference when registration has closed.

The number of participants is definitely smaller than at some of the recent RAD conferences (Seattle 2001 had over 500 participants for instance). This is especially noticeable when you glance into the hotel lobby. There are people chatting and lingering about but normally by now, Deaf Queers would have taken over the entire hotel lobby and claimed it as their own. Despite this, there is no shortage of new faces. The conference also has an intimate feel to it which is actually kind of nice.

For those of you who may not be in the loop, there has been some controversy surrounding this conference. After nearly three and a half years of conference planning, the local host Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society (PRDS) decided to terminate its role as conference host and sent refunds to those who had registered. Rather than cancel the conference outright, the RAD Board decided to step in and proceed with the conference. They basically pulled the conference together from scratch in less than six months time.

We’ll be interviewing representatives from PRDS to get a better understanding of what exactly happened as well as RAD President Bob Donaldson to get his view. Hopefully something can be learned from this unfortunate situation.

Note: We’re currently having technical difficulties with our photo editing software. More photos will be added as soon as we get this resolved. We know you’re all anxious to see all the hot guys and gals here. And yes, there are many 🙂

11 thoughts on “RAD Conference: Small, Intimate Feel”

  1. Thanks so much for setting up the blog for keeping everyone informed as much as possible and share the feedback for next RAD conference. Kudos on first step… looking forward to view the photos 😉

  2. Yes, I agreed w/Derek Shirane…

    and can’t wait to look forward to see the pictures. 🙂

  3. I often wish I can dance all way to Atl for the RAD Conference. It might be good idea that RAD host the conventions in the future instead of letting locals to host. And I cant wait to see pixs and the result of the Convention.

  4. I’m quite disappointed with RAD and their inability to post daily b/vlogs for the Deaf Queer community. With Deafread the numbers of blogs and vlogs increased so fast and still I don’t see any of those from RAD.

    I wanted to thank Deafqueer for taking its time to do that, just realize that the demands for information is so important that the RAD blog should be updated often during the day.

    I hope the next host for RAD will realize this problem and will correct it.

    Looking forward to more information/pictures.

  5. Hurry up with cute guy pictures! And thank you so much for doing this. I know it is lots and lots of work and you do on free time.

  6. Its RAD’s own fault. If RAD Vice President did better job and work with PRDS and encouragement and support, maybe PRDS would not cancel and it will be bigger conference.

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