Advice for Future RAD Conferences

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We asked Don Galloway, Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society (PRDS) Host Committee Wrap-Up Chair if he had any advice for RAD and future conferences. Click on the video to see what he had to say.

Share your own advice below in the comments section.

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6 thoughts on “Advice for Future RAD Conferences”

  1. RAD badly needs to change conference structure. Hopefully, this cancellation is a good wake-up call for RAD. It is not fair to put all financial responsibily on chapter host. Hopefully RAD learns lesson from this for future.

  2. LIke I said earlier, read below please.

    on July 10th, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    In my opinion, I think that RAD should be a permanent host conference effective in 2011. It would host the conference biennially by pigbacking in some cities where the RAD member chapter never had the conference, somewhere like Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where there would be a big event held or resort like Phoenix, Arizona or Key West, Florida.

    RAD Board could appoint a host conference committee that is consist of some committees such as Events, Workshops, Registration, Pageant, etc. If a host conference committee chair picks some cities or somewhere like resorts, the chair would request a RAD member chapter to accept his/her request to host the host conference. If so, then the member chapter members would provide some information for hotel, places to be held for events, etc to the RAD host conference committee. All events, pageant, registration, etc expenses will be spent through the RAD budget, not the member chapter’s budget. The host committee would narrow to select one that RAD would host the conference alone.

    How will RAD spend such fund? RAD would set up a fundraising committee to raise a fund by going to some member chapters or to some places for some events (cocktail parties, bar night, etc), event parties or workshops. RAD would raise fund by providing some workshops such as leadership, parliament procedures, recruiting new members, etc. in some places or at some member chapters. It would be great that the member chapters would feel some support from RAD. Some member chapters would not worry about having so much burden with financial and conference planning.

    RID, Inc had had the member chapter to host the conference in the past. The conference planning and financial were the problems. So RID decided to host the conference alone by pigbacking some cities. They have solved the problems.

    So in my best suggestion, RAD should need a change for betterment by adopting a host conference biennially alone.

    I hope this will up to the new RAD Board and to the member chapters.

  3. Hope RAD is listening and will seriously take this advice. See no chapters bid for 2011. RAD expects too much from chapter and does not give anything back. They even want all the profits. It is too much.

  4. Hopefully RAD is reading all these comments on this blog and listening and will take our suggestions seriously. Every year they lose more support. Hopefully they will make the drastic changes needed before no one is interested in RAD anymore.

  5. How old is RAD? 30 years? And they still can’t get it together! They’re like an old man that desperately needs viagra!

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