New Mr and Miss RAD


Congratulations to Juan Bernal of Chicago, Illinois who was selected as the new Mr. RAD and to Jamie Wessinger aka Jasmine James, of Atlanta, Georgia, as the new Miss RAD.

Mr. RAD Runner-up: Don Galloway of Atlanta, Georgia
Miss RAD Runner-up: David Welker, Jr. aka Davara Welker of Orlando, Florida

There were no contestants for the Ms. RAD and Mister Drag King titles.













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16 thoughts on “New Mr and Miss RAD”

  1. RLSD wishes to extend the congratulations to the new Mr and Miss RAD. We would love to have you come to SF for a weekend. If you do that, please contact RLSD PR at to make plans.

  2. Just wondering why women almost never compete for those other two titles. Is it because there are not enough women or because they feel the titles are lame or sexist?

  3. John Cooper,

    YES, We had great time at RAD2007. I hope to see you at Chicago RAD2009. You won’t be boring! smile

  4. RLSD PR,
    THANKS! Yes, I love to come to SF weekend, I will contact you asap. Thanks again!

  5. When was the last time any lesbians competed for the Ms RAD title? I can’t recall ever hearing of anyone who won it.

  6. Why did Don Galloway compete in this contest if he hates RAD so much? I also heard he competed for International Leather title. HUH? Puzzling. Guess he was hungry for the attention and limelight. Kinda pathetic if you ask me.

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