RAD President Comments on PRDS’s Decision to Terminate Conference Host Role

(video length: 1 min 19 secs )

We asked current RAD President Bob Donaldson if he had any thoughts he’d like to share regarding Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society’s (PRDS) decision to terminate its conference host role. Click on the video to see his remarks.

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13 thoughts on “RAD President Comments on PRDS’s Decision to Terminate Conference Host Role”

  1. Ah that’s one side of story. Would like to hear PRDS’ side of story before we come to any conclusions.

  2. I disagreed. The Host chapter reserves the right to run the conference as it sees on its own. The RAD EB can only ADVISE. But they cannot FORCE the Host Chapter to cover their expenses for hotel and combo registrations.

    But *Boston is correct, we need to hear the PRDS’ side. So far, the RAD Board practically silenced the PRDS’ officers.


  3. Click the “Why PRDS Terminated its Role as RAD Conference Host” link to see PRDS’ version. DQRC has included both viewpoints on this blog. Interesting that Deaf Read didn’t include PRDS’. They seem to only post 1 out of every 5 things from this blog. They’re not very reliable. I encourage everyone to set up your own RSS reader to keep up-to-date with new blog entries here.

  4. Thanks Gabriel for letting us know, obviously I didn’t see it. Will go directly to it and read it for myself. Thank you!

  5. Okay, Gabriel,

    I checked this links you mentioned and there’s no story to be found. Can you please give us the correct link to that?
    The link regarding to the word “terminate” is no longer on the site. The PRDS website has no mention why they terminated the conference.

    Can someone please help us out here?

  6. I’m not satisfied with his response. Bob is not accepting the responsibility where RAD failed. Specifically Vice President Barbara Hathaway failed to do her job to keep in contact with PRDS and help and encouragement.

  7. Gabriel, the link doesn’t work for me. Can you please copy and paste the information here instead of the link? That would help a lot. Much appreciated here.

  8. Well You can see what happen to other chapters….. NWRAD who cut off with RAD, not longer to be RAD chapter (hosted event in Seatle) and CMRA of washington, DC crashed due to RAD interperter sued (2005 Conference). I can see the list of inactive chapters which is more than active chapters. I support PRDS’s decision to avoid this happen like other chaprters.

    Boston, the link is working for me.

  9. Thank you for sharing your view. Helps me and others understand better what happened. So many ugly rumors flying around. Hope you and PRDS can patch things up.

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