Technical Difficulties

Sorry folks. We’ve been having some technical difficulties here at the RAD conference in Atlanta. They should be resolved soon. Check back later for photos and video interviews!

5 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties”

  1. I’m using a Mac at the conference, and the internet service there is very poor, and expensive. The connection keeps dropping and I have to reload web pages several times before it finally loads completely. I think internet service should be one of the criteria in selecting a hotel for a conference, since we all use internet service. I wished the RAD EB would select Marriott Courtyard instead of the regular Marriott hotel since the Courtyard includes internet service in your hotel rate!

  2. Barry, I agree!!! Deaf communities rely extensively on internet and technology to keep in touch with each other.

    RAD should already know better & use that to their own advantage if they want people to know what’s going on with RAD with the latest updates.

    Thanks to DQRC for bringing the news out first & trying to keep rest of us in the loop!

  3. I hope that in Chicago, RAD will get us an internet cafe like we had at the DSA (Deaf Seniors of America) conf in Orlando. I believe Sprint provided the internet cafe. They had several computers that we could use to check our web sites and email at home. I also used the biz center computer in the hotel to do my newspaper column and send it to the newspaper. They first told me that I’d have to pay a $15 per hour charge. When they saw what I was sending (I printed a copy) the charge was waived. Very nice of that man! I know Chicago will have wide screen video TVs in the banquet room for us to see the program better. There were four huge screens in Orlando for the DSA banquet. That was fantastic.

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