The best RAD conference ever?

Bob Donaldson, Herbert Fradin, Michel Turgeon
(video length: 2 mins 21 secs)

During a delegate meeting break at the RAD conference in Atlanta, we happened to notice two former RAD Presidents (Herbert Fradin and Michel Turgeon) and the current RAD President (Bob Donaldson) sitting together. We decided to spontaneously ask them which RAD conference they thought was the best. Click on the video to see their response.

Gotta love these guys. So diplomatic.

Tell us which RAD conferences you’ve attended.  Which one was your favorite and why?

22 thoughts on “The best RAD conference ever?”

  1. Wow! That’s RAD’s first president?? Didn’t realize he was still alive. How old is he?

    I have never gone to a RAD conference. I’m still a “virgin” in that respect . But I’m hoping to go to the next one or one after that one.

  2. For me, New Orleans. I enjoyed the time and atmosphere with friends and loved ones. It was the lowest point in my life (ending of a relationship) and the moment my ex said “adios” to me on the train, I thought I would never be happy again. Boy was I wrong when I landed in New Orleans. Saw friends and gave them upfront news about my break up…they made sure I had a ball. Boy I sure did! HA… no breakdowns whatsoever. When I came home, I was ready to say “adios” to him. So, New Orleans, for me, was the best conference. Been to Montreal and it was okay. The city was awesome.

  3. I’ve been to two. First one KC RAD. Then Seattle RAD. I like Seattle one best of all. It had large number of women. I think over 100 plus art show and film show. It was fun with many things to do.

  4. Ever since RAD1995, I’ve had pleasant moment. Everyone at RAD had shown me to be more friendly toward to lesbains throughout and saw that RAD tried to be friendly toward to lesbians! And still to these days!

    RAD1997, 1999, and 2001 was the best. You can figure out which city it was held in! Have fun!

  5. Seattle RAD, was champ, the rest of the next two just went pffft flat…. I expect it go better, better and better. It is RAD, that is something wrong, not the chapters.

  6. LA RAD 1993 and Seattle RAD 2001 were the best! It doesnt matter which city. It is important for all of us to show up at the RAD conference every two years. It was nice to see old and new friends in Atlanta RAD 2007. This conference was simple and success. Congrats to the new board. Looking forward to Chicago 2009. I already purchased the combo tix. Go ahead to purchase it. See you guys there.

  7. You all forgot. San Francisco ’81 was the best for a long time. We broke the record with more than 300 gay and lesbians. We had many lesbians. We had the first workshops. The entertainment show was a HIT!! Remember The Blue Lips?? Mary Beth Miller Show with a HOT biker?? and many more firsts? and many fun activities. Everyone was telling me that SF is still the best. It will be my first time to attend Chicago 07 since 81. I have not been to RAD for 26 years. I am curious if I will see old friends… and new friends in two years from now in Chicago.

  8. Fort Lauderdale in 1987 was the best for me, as it was my first one. Los Angeles and New Orleans were great also. I had fun in Atlanta, despite the small turnout. It’s because of all of us that are contributing to this small turnout this year. If we want RAD to be the best, then we need to bring in action all by ourselves, not just sit back, complain and do nothing. Let’s rock the boat, and make Chicago and future RAD conferences great once more again!

  9. DRAGO, All RAD Conferences in the past are the best.
    Florida 1977
    New York 1978
    Cleveland 1979
    Toronto 1980
    SF 1981
    Denver 1982
    Chicago 1983
    Montreal 1984
    Washington DC 1985
    Florida 1987
    Cleveland 1989
    Dallas 1991
    Los Angeles 1993
    Montreal 1995
    KC 1997
    New Orleans 1999
    Seattle 2001
    Orlando 2003
    Washington DC 2005
    Atlanta 2007
    Chicago 2009


  10. I would love to see the conference held on the West Coast again — especially in California. Is anyone keen about seeing the conference take place in or near SF in the forseeable future?

  11. All time best conference was New Orleans.
    Second was Seattle because there was best side trips such Vancouver.
    Chicago 2009 should be break record because of great youth group and very motivation . I saw them at the Touche’ bar during 2007 IML. They are nicest people.

  12. I went to the one in Orlando, FL. I was not impressed. It was like 99% all men. Very few women. I was very disappointed. If you are a lesbian, I encourage you to go to DLF instead of RAD. Don’t waste your time and money.

  13. About “favorite conference”, I don’t really have one. I enjoyed them all though I think all of them could have also been better.

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