Greetings from the new Mr. RAD, Juan Bernal

Juan Bernal, Mr RAD 2007-2009
(video length: 43 seconds)

40 thoughts on “Greetings from the new Mr. RAD, Juan Bernal”

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  2. I agree they should have positions. Why not, since the DQRC has blogs and news, why not they post the Mr, Miss, Mister Drag King, Ms RAD’s journey? So we’d know what did they do… If they had done nothing until they hand out the crown in 2009, then is it worth to have the contest (believe it or not, in the past, I “had to pay” to get myself in the contest… Hmmm… Since I lost, I’d like my money back.

  3. Richard Roehm…. I’m sick of your unwanted comments everywhere on many deaf sites! Take your homophobic arse out of here go find someplace else & harrass one of your split personalities. EH!

  4. I suspect that Roehm loves getting it up the ass by hairy leathermen that’s why he keeps visiting this and other gay sites.

  5. Curious what Juan’s background is. He looks like he’s latin. Is he Puerto Rican, Mexican, Cuban or ??

  6. Juan,
    I can tell you are thrilled!! congradulations!! Good Luck!!
    I dont know you but Iam openly gay Deaf man and Iam member of MNRAD.

  7. I think you are so hot and handsome Juan. Are you available or in relationship????

  8. Congratulations to you. Best of luck with your titleholder for a year. Keep it up…. Smile…

  9. Juan, try Miss RAD Contestant in RAD 2009 at Chicago, you could win the beauty contest.


  10. Boston, Cindy, Ed Carrigan and Jimactor, MarkMark

    Thank you so much! YES! I am so thrilled to be MR. RAD 2007-2009

  11. BB,
    Yes, I am from Mexico. I moved to Chicago, Illinois since when I was 8 years old.

  12. Karl hendrickson,

    Thanks for the offer. However, I am not available. Sorry. I have a partner, and we have been togehter for 5 years now

  13. Congratulations to Juan. Personally, I was surprised Don didn’t win. I thought he did really well. However, Juan is cuter and I guess that counts alot in these type of contests. Don can always try again in the future if he really wants it. I bet he’ll win next time.

  14. I’m glad Don didn’t win. I’ve never liked him. I also think Juan will do a much better job.

  15. As Mr. RAD, one of my duties is to represent the organization and encourage membership, help the organization grow, get involved and help. if you interested in having me come and present a workshop, or would like to see my story of being a Father of 3 wonderful Deaf children and “coming out”. Whatever you decide, I’m happy to travel, attend your events, and help RAD anyway I can.
    Thanks! Gracias! _|m|

  16. Good vlog! I remmy see your coming out vlog here last year. I enjoyed it very much. It made me cry. Now you are Mr. RAD! You make us all very proud!! I LOVE YOU!

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