New RAD Officers Elected


The election of RAD officers for the 2007-2009 term took place this morning.

The election for President was an especially hot one and took over an hour with Frank Folino, Larry Pike and Billy Raby competing for the position. A majority vote could not be reached. Larry Pike finally won.

Mich Gerson, Frank Folino and Billy Raby then competed for the Vice President position. Gerson won.

Steven Schumacher won the Secretary position by acclamation.

Frank Folino and Billy Raby then squared off for the Treasurer position. Folino won.

The new RAD officers are as follows:

President: Larry Pike
Vice President: Mich Gerson
Treasurer: Frank Folino
Secretary: Steven Schumacher


Update: Photo of new officers added above. From left to right: Pike, Gerson, Schumacher, Folino. Photo copyright 2007 by Henry Carter.

111 thoughts on “New RAD Officers Elected”

  1. I am so glad that Billy Raby did not win any position with RAD because he has done a terrible job at his current organizations.

  2. Sorry to see RAD will be all male board again. Wish it were more balance like 2 men and 2 women or 1 female president and 1 male co-president like old RAD days.

    I’m also sorry to see Larry Pike won. I don’t see him as a good leader. He is not very approachable.

  3. Ridor

    I sure plan on going to Deaf Lesbian Festival in SF in 2008!!! Can’t wait.

    Too bad you’re not a lesbian … you would have raised some good hell there. :o)

  4. Just so there is no confusion there is a female present on the board. The Vice President is Mich Gerson, short for Michelle Gerson.
    Congrats baby.

  5. Larry Pike has been attending RAD for so long, longer than I have known. He will try his best. He will have our support in anyway we can give him. He doesnt deserve to be put down already! Give him a chance! Even rest of Board, too!

    OH my goodness, Some of you still havent done your own homework as usual????? oh my goodness… SAD!

    For those people who are being negative about anything regarding to gay stuff are not not either gay or lesbain, period. just like the rest who can’t just cant sit back and try to help others to work things out without putting people down!! Please change your attitude and help each other.

    Why dont you just join the rest of the deaf gay community and help us to make our life much easier. We do need someone to say something to help us understand what is happening around us, but not to put us down. It may take all of us longer to figure out and understand what we need to do. It might take years! SAD to say but that is fact.

  6. Why don’t RAD just dismantle itself?

    Create a new organization, start anew. RAD had burned too many bridges and with the recent conference 112 participants. This is all-time low.

    Just dismantle it and start fresh, I’m sure there are many eager Deaf GLBT leaders ready to start over again.

    Just my thoughts.

    Again, this is the second blog directly or about RAD… doesn’t look really good here. Seriously.

  7. Someone aught to sue Ridor for the slanderous comments on his website about us. It demoralizes, hurt, and causes a few of us including me a lot of emotional distress.

    I feel hurt the comments made me smash some fine chna and made me run around my house naked.

  8. Slanderous comments? How can you say that it is a slander when it is the truth that the RAD Board did so many despicable things?

    I agreed with *Boston that the only way for RAD to improve itself is to dismantle and create a new organization — they burned too many bridges with MANY people.


  9. Rad needs a lot of change. Hope these new officers are willing to do some serious work to overhaul Rad.

  10. One more thing. I want to thank dqrc / for bringing us the news and keeping us in the loop. I’m sure it is a thankless job. Want to make sure I do my part and say thank you. So thank you! 🙂

  11. Joe… I agree that did their best to get the news out (the first one who did). Thank you DQRC!

    The RAD website had no new information about elections or the results of the conference. RAD need to update theirs.

    I hope the new board will use wonderful technology & internet to their advantage & keep rest of us deaf queer communities in touch with what’s going on.

    Anybody know what’s the theme for Chicago 2009???

  12. For your information, Billy Raby is a terrific officers in the current organizations. He can be a good one of the RAD officers if elected. Congratulations to all of new RAD officers for the year of 2007-09!

  13. About Billy Raby…. I have seen him did a marvelous jobs in many organizationS for many years!

  14. Maybe RAD doesnt need to dismantle itself. All we can do is to go in and ask RAD Board to bring up a new Bylaws and guidelines.. It’s cheaper that way than to establish a new organziation. I agree that RAD needs a different kind of stucture and leadership.

    Deaf and HH GLBTQI leaders??? Where are they?? MOST of good leaders who have the skills to run an organzation are serving their skills to non-gay organzation like ASLTA, NAD, etc… Have they come and help RAD, nope!

    Running RAD Conference is done by the chapters who won the bid with RAD. Chapters invites/bid RAD Board to come to their city. They are the ones who runs the conference, not RAD Board. Chapters often ask for RAD Board for their feedback. The chapter decide on how to set the budget, not RAD. RAD leaves that to chapters. There are several things that RAD handles, all of Board meeteings, Delegate meetings and RAD Pageant and AWARD night. The rest is handle by the chapters. All chapters that hosted in the past have done a wonderful job in handling the conference. One thing was hard on each of them is there were some things that were unexpected and expenses went up. There are things that you can NOT predict of what going to happen.

  15. The theme of Chicago 2009 is “Our Vision, Our Kind of Life.”
    The actual number of RAD 2007 attendees is 120.
    There are “new bloods” on the RAD Board, which are Mich Gerson and Frank Folino. That bodes well for RAD’s future.
    Please place your faith in the new RAD Board. Larry Pike is not the type to sit back and do nothing for the next two years. Steven S. is the same. Also, Larry Pike is an approachable person. When you like to discuss an issue with him or have a question for him, he will communicate with you in a second or within a day.

  16. I don’t know who wrote that about Billy Raby but it’s bull. He is a great leader. It’s too bad he didn’t win. I’m sure he would do much better job than Larry Pike. Larry Pike stinks.

  17. Larry and Steven were part of the Executive Board that agreed to tell hotel police at 2005 R.A.D. about Ricky Taylor making bomb threat. It was not true. They should be impeach from R.A.D.

  18. For those who wrote the negatives about Billy Raby. I have known him as a dear friend and organization member for a long time. He’s a hard worker. Why did you make the terrible comments on him? You are completely WRONG. He’s a wonderful person to help the others like me. I’m disappointed that he was not selected as a president.
    Stop stabbing his back! Grow up, grow up adults who talked about him. Please respect him as a friend and leader.

  19. Hate to disappoint “IhateRAD” earlier above BUT Larry or Steven were not involve with issue regarding to hotel police or Ricky Taylor at RAD2005 Conference at all! Larry and Steven will just do fine, only they will do it better. They have been talking to people and they have seen some issue that needs to be worked on. Give them a chance..

  20. #
    anonymous said,

    on July 7th, 2007 at 2:22 pm

    I am so glad that Billy Raby did not win any position with RAD because he has done a terrible job at his current organizations.

    Geez! Get more facts before you post those rumors. Show me the facts that I had done a terrible job.

  21. why don’t you ingore or don’t move or touch mouse click on because Ricky Taylor set his own blog then don’t read his. he put too much Slanderous comments
    about RAD. He bring his own little people to bring up negative comments about RAD.
    Mouse don’t control you. you control the mouse lol…
    RAD in years bring up good and bad things but wonderful thing to meet old and new friends like every other organizations. in general Organizations always bring something new , change, fix, mix, stir, shake,bake or add spiced up like you make the brownies . get point?!

  22. by the way, congratulation to Larry Pike as new president.
    Why don’t any one can post suggest or comment how to improve RAD conference or RAD itself so Larry Pike can read and listen. How about set up blog like this on
    I felt that RAD by-laws and policies went overboard. I am very social person not into political. I felt in late 1970 to early 80 is more social and fun.

  23. I am trying to maintain a neutral ground for both sides. But I can see why things need to be shaken BADLY. Sometimes shaking badly will help stirring things up for the BETTER. I have few points to make: Where was RAD when few deaf gay men died from beating? Where in their power did they speak up? No one wrote a press release and distribute that Deaf Gay People do not tolerate such hate crime to the media. Where is on going programs? Why do we have to wait biannually for the conference to get last minute information. Why can’t there be such a satellite programs through out the country to share and dissimate information to the Deaf Gay Community? Where are the programs that will teach local organization how to fill out grants and foundations? RAD has a big responsbility to do this. RAD is supposed to be the MOTHER of all deaf gay organizations. Right now Momma is tired. Looks like Momma is done with her milking. Momma never stops milking their children. Momma, wake up! Im famished! Im hungry to learn more about the political aspect of the gay community. What can we DO for them? HOW can we be a better group of people? How CAN we move on? HOW can we become an elite organization where we can host a black tie fundraising and earn megabucks for our mother? Right now, RAD is just one big fuckfest conference and there is nothing political about it. All they do is sit, elect, whine, holding contests, and screw. RAD needs to have a much much more clearer mission statement, apply for grants, seek corporation sponsorships, and many other things. The Treasurer should be very active in that department but I guess all he has to do is to hold money and making sure every penny is in the bank. RAD has potiental but I see it is wheezing with its last breath. Congrats Mr. RAD, you have a BIG job ahead of you. You need to go out there and make sure RAD looks good. Good luck to you on that one. I am scoffing already.

  24. Amen Fiona’s Alpha Master! What the fuck does R.A.D. do for us? Nothing. Why do chapters continue to pay dues. They do not get anything in return. Zlich.

    I agree with other comments here that we should dismantle R.A.D. and start a new organization.

    And Leslie, you are WRONG. Larry Pike and Steven Schaumachuer were two of the people who agreed to have Ricky Taylor removed from the hotel without verfiying facts first. They along with Barbara Hattyway and Bob Donaldson did a horrible job as officers for R.A.D. Now that they are elected again, R.A.D. will just keep going down the drain.

  25. Fiona’s Alpha Master, you got it!

    RAD needs to be proactive in serving the Deaf GLBTIQ’s social, political and advocacy. But so far, they had done nothing but fight against each other.

    It is very frustrating. When you bring an idea to the RAD, they attack you instead of considering your idea.

    That is bad bad bad idea.


  26. I’m curious why Drago didn’t run for president. I heard rumor he was considering it. I think he would have been a really good one. Maybe he will do it in 2009?

  27. Drago will be an excellent candiate for this position. I dont think he will be willing to clean up the dirty work. Maybe Drago can set up a brand new organization with a clear mission statement and bring us queers on the pedestal!

  28. I’m new to RAD. Haven’t attend a conference yet. I’m curious what are the problems with RAD? Why are people so upset with them?

  29. I know Larry and Steven. I do not consider Larry approachable or lesbian-friendly. He comes across like a drill sargeant or a strict high school principle. I’m not surprised the delegates had a hard time voting for him. Sounds like he just barely won the election. Steven can be a sweetheart but he is flakey. He is like a dog and will follow whoever is in charge instead of think for himself.

  30. RAD Virgin: Many things. I can go on and on about how the RAD Board has done. If you look at the history of local chapters — they all folded or went bankrupt each time RAD was hosted in their communities. Los Angeles. Kansas City. Washington, DC. Montreal. They all went bankrupt because RAD Board forced them to do things that they do not want to.

    When the young ones attempted to suggest for some revisions to the bylaws or the way things are being conducted, the old geezers attack them with insults. It was so bad.

    I was concerned about things in DC which was not handled professionally. I mentioned it on my blog, they attacked me by making a false accusation that I attmepted to bomb the RAD 2005 Conference.

    It is very disgrace and disgusting.


  31. Heck, Drago get my vote too!! He is good at listening and bringing people together (no matter how much bickering there is) for ONE common goal: Making Deaf Queer Community STRONGER!

    Known him for nearly two decades… he had contributed lot to the DeafQueer community and constantly keep us in the loop with news, lectures, advocacy and everything else. It’s a hell work!

    Glad that do exist … Many Billion Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Long Live Deaf Queer Power!

  32. Good leadership is something RAD lacks and has been lacking for a long time now. There has also been alot of corruption on the Executive Board. I hope these new people can clean up the mess.

  33. Quote:
    Heck, Drago get my vote too!! He is good at listening and bringing people together (no matter how much bickering there is) for ONE common goal: Making Deaf Queer Community STRONGER!

    Well, is he good looking? I’d like to see his picture and bio sketch.
    Ridor says that if he is in charge of RAD — he can get 1,000 people registrated and make a lot of money for RAD.
    That might be a good idea. Let him fund the initial costs of hosting out of his pockets, turn it over to him for one year, and see what he can do. If his conference is a flop, we can sue him…
    RAD in Atlanta was my first time. I enjoyed the brief stay and fellowship, sorry that I spent $200 and missed most of the conference due to work, and then to illness over the weekend. I wish it was held annually instead of biennually.

  34. Well Drago was hot when he was lesbian. Even I had crush on him for a while lol. As man, I can’t say because I’m not attract to men. But whether he is hot or not does not matter. He has big heart and very easy going and very smart. Also same time, he is not afraid to speak up. He also good at finding balance view. If he ever interest in position he will do very well I’m sure.

  35. I think it will be fun if ridor did conference. I would go there for sure. No question it will be wild!

  36. I don’t trust Larry Pike. I feel he did poor job last two terms. Did you know he is still not paid interpreters from RAD 2005? I hope they are charge RAD interest.

  37. Myself as very ancient, old maid, used to be one of the NRSD, later RAD leader. I worked very hard trying to improve the RAD. It was VERY HARD to please every one. There always negative or positive groups who love to yell or scream good or nasty at leaders. I was hit with rotten tomatoes by my enemies and even my close pretended friends at Chicago Conference. I stepped down with very grief. That is the true part all leaders do.

    Look at our current Republican President Bush. He got the lot of treatment.

    However, I sincere hope the new RAD officers will move on to improve RAD for better and with full hope.

    There are lot of dirty sheets they have to wash and prepare for Chicago Conference.

    I as very old and hope to attend the Chicago Conference.

    Please look forward, not look at past.

    Oh my I missed my hydrant.

    Smile with full love,

    one and only,
    Auntie Abbe

  38. First of all, congrats to new RAD officers!

    I trust new RAD officers will do their job as best as they can.

    RAD will pay all terps during RAD’s events very soon. RAD did not ignore it since some people need to solve some paper work issues first. That was problem with CMRA not RAD.

    RAD 2007 Conference was a blast. 120 is not lowest attendance.

    Please check the facts.

    Everyone should support RAD. We had a good conference and with only short notice for all the planning and work.
    Congrats to all the people who work on successful conference.

    We all will go Chicago RAD 2009 for sure because RAD 2009 Committee work hard for you all. Please support them.

    Negative comments don’t help. If you want to share more positive facts or comments, you can best support RAD.

  39. In my opinion, I think that RAD should be a permanent host conference effective in 2011. It would host the conference biennially by pigbacking in some cities where the RAD member chapter never had the conference, somewhere like Rehoboth Beach, Delaware where there would be a big event held or resort like Phoenix, Arizona or Key West, Florida.

    RAD Board could appoint a host conference committee that is consist of some committees such as Events, Workshops, Registration, Pageant, etc. If a host conference committee chair picks some cities or somewhere like resorts, the chair would request a RAD member chapter to accept his/her request to host the host conference. If so, then the member chapter members would provide some information for hotel, places to be held for events, etc to the RAD host conference committee. All events, pageant, registration, etc expenses will be spent through the RAD budget, not the member chapter’s budget. The host committee would narrow to select one that RAD would host the conference alone.

    How will RAD spend such fund? RAD would set up a fundraising committee to raise a fund by going to some member chapters or to some places for some events (cocktail parties, bar night, etc), event parties or workshops. RAD would raise fund by providing some workshops such as leadership, parliament procedures, recruiting new members, etc. in some places or at some member chapters. It would be great that the member chapters would feel some support from RAD. Some member chapters would not worry about having so much burden with financial and conference planning.

    RID, Inc had had the member chapter to host the conference in the past. The conference planning and financial were the problems. So RID decided to host the conference alone by pigbacking some cities. They have solved the problems.

    So in my best suggestion, RAD should need a change for betterment by adopting a host conference biennially alone.

    I hope this will up to the new RAD Board and to the member chapters.

  40. Can anyone tell me what rad does for the queer deaf community besides offer a place to get laid once every two years???

  41. RAd doesn’t do anything for anyone but themselves. Chapters need to stop wasting their $ by paying dues. Its $ down the drain.

  42. John: I’m all for RAD to improve. But you need negative feedbacks in order to LEARN and GROW from it.

    It is no secret that I attempted to make suggestions. I was attacked by others. And they bombed as I predicted it to be.


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