New RAD Officers Elected


The election of RAD officers for the 2007-2009 term took place this morning.

The election for President was an especially hot one and took over an hour with Frank Folino, Larry Pike and Billy Raby competing for the position. A majority vote could not be reached. Larry Pike finally won.

Mich Gerson, Frank Folino and Billy Raby then competed for the Vice President position. Gerson won.

Steven Schumacher won the Secretary position by acclamation.

Frank Folino and Billy Raby then squared off for the Treasurer position. Folino won.

The new RAD officers are as follows:

President: Larry Pike
Vice President: Mich Gerson
Treasurer: Frank Folino
Secretary: Steven Schumacher


Update: Photo of new officers added above. From left to right: Pike, Gerson, Schumacher, Folino. Photo copyright 2007 by Henry Carter.

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  1. Congrats to new RAD Officers.

    I know him very well. Larry Pike is a very good man and will help RAD. He has a big heart to the deaf community since he was young man.

    He will do a good job as RAD President. He needs your support and give him a chance.


  2. Finally, they elected two good people (Steven and Larry) and two new faces (Frank and Mich).
    I will not vote Drago for any position because he is too busy.
    Hand waves to new officers. Good luck.


  3. For many years, I have learned about the history of RAD and IDL and I have observations on many negative, inappropriate situations that upset many innocent people who wanted to enjoy their livings with expensive expenses. Both RAD and IDL have experienced “half and half” reputations, which people have felt how good and how bad both organizations run. Both organizations are not doing the right things that can affect and upset many innocent people.

    In fact, many individuals have thrown out their negative, immoral, deliberate attitudes and conducts. They are overselective that they prefered to communicate or mingle with old school boys or old school girls. They are not interested in meeting new faces in other sides and they are not liked by other good people. Some people are self-centered, inconsiderate and unthinkable. They do not like to encounter with the diversity of people with different physical appearances and they want to disgust or to reject others. They have played stupid games with others for reasons or for no reasons.

    In more fact, they have overcome with their personal conflicts, problems and situations that are destructible, immature and unprofessional. I have observed many ugly, improper gossips that can turn into white lies, black lies and big pests. I also have observed many unacceptable personal fights and quarrels and hand fists. They are overjealous, overemotional, hatred and irritated with small things or unimportant things.

    Finally, I am totally abstained from my involvement in both organizations for goodness because of lack of leadership and lack of integrity and lack of ethnics. Sometime in coming years, both organizatons may face the future nightmares and the morgue alleys.

    I am a perfectionist and a Zen believer. No one is living better than mine. I am very delighted to live in peace without any more conflicts and any more problems.

    The End.

  4. I am gonna to write the “oral history of NRSD/RAD 1978-83”
    Anyone interesting to help?


  5. Response to Karen… Larry and Steven are not new. They are two terms already on executive board. Larry simply changed positions. I’m not impressed with them at all and what they did during their terms.

  6. How about Ridor for President? Hee hee. Maybe then he would stop bashing RAD.

  7. The reason Ridor hates RAD so much is because he can never get laid at the conferences. It’s as simple as that.

  8. Congratulations to the new Board of RAD. As the secretary of ORAD, the Ontario Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf, executive.

    I am thrilled to see that the membership has voted to elect Frank Folino, a Canadian. to its Executive. Frank is an active member of the LGBT and Deaf communities in Toronto. He is an honours (B.A.) graduate from York University. He sits as secretary on the Ontario Association of the Deaf and as a director-at-large for ORAD. He was instrumental in helping ORAD develop its new by-laws. As well, Frank was the special events coordinator for PRIDE Toronto, a hearing organization that leads the largest PRIDE parade in Canada – and probably the world. Rivalled only by New York and LA. Frank has been involved with Pride Toronto for several years. Pride Toronto includes interpreters at their public workshops, AGMs, Pride Day and severa; artistic events.
    Pride Toronto, along with the Lesbian & Gay Community appeal granted over $5000 to ORAD this year. Our small team managed to enter the parade for the first time in its history with a float – an 18 wheeler float! We’ll have videos of that on our website soon. But I talk too long. Again, congrats to RAD for becoming international executive. You have an active, strong, intelligent member with Frank. Congrats Frank!

  9. Sorry to burst your bubble but San Francisco has the largest Pride parade and organziation in the entire world. Last June our Pride event on Sunday alone was attended by over 1 million, that doesn’t include all the activities throughout the month.

  10. Kessler: Sorry to burst you fantasy tale about my personal life. Speak for yourself — can you focus on the topic that is in dire need to be addressed instead of my personal life.

    I’m SO glad I do not share my sexual life with anyone else at the conferences because God knows you’re bitter queen who loves to gossip. But I digress.


  11. Congrats to Mich Gerson. We need more women on the RAD EB! Power to her!

    Hope the bickering will end among RAD, chapters & deaf queer community. It’s time to move on and learn from past mistakes. We can make it successful if we put our differences aside.

    Mich… are you going to DLF 2008 in SF???

    Drago… many thanks for your time putting together RAD news & videos. Keep up the excellent work!!

  12. Who want to know about Ridor’s sex life??? I wouldn’t want to know his or publish mine either. Please keep politics out of my bedroom!!

    Perhaps Robert Kessler had to say that because his is nonexistent? Lol.


  13. Congrats to Larry, Michelle, Steven and Frank.

    My friends are happy to see the results.

    RAD Board will do their best.

    RidorLive, you hope that they will listen your concerns.
    Wait and see.

    GO CHICAGO RAD 2009!

    Matt from NYC

  14. We’re really curious what Drago’s thoughts are regarding the new board officers. Does he think they’ll do a good job? If he’s reading this, hope he’ll answer. I know he has a lot more inside information than many of us.

  15. Personally, its great to see another lesbian elected on the RAD Board. I just hope she does a better job than Barbara Hathway did. Barbara really screwed things up between RAD and PRDS by not doing her job. She is one of the reasons PRDS dropped the confrenece.

  16. I’m behind in the news. A friend just shared with me about the new E.B. Came here to find out more.

    Is it true the new Vice President is only 23 years old? Seems a bit young for the position. I’m curious about the backgrounds of each of the new E.B. members. What makes them qualified for their positions? Can you please add their bio info?

  17. Mich is young but very qualified. She’s smart who embraces change. Something that the RAD needs to embrace!

    I agreed about Barbara Hathaway — she’s “much ado about nothing’ — that’s why DLF rejected her just like that. She’s a talker but not a doer.


  18. Hmmm, a lot of nasty comments toward three people (Larry Pike, Billy Raby, and Ridor) and I do not see any moderator(s) to cut off those comments because I think that these low blows are uncalled for. We need to focus on positive things instead of naming someone bad, backstabbing, and touchy.

    No wonder the RAD have not established as an effective and flowing organization yet in this present time. In the past, RAD was an effective organization under the superb leadership of Ernest Hoffman, and many great others (bless them all). I concur that the RAD needs to do the housecleaning act – reviewing bylaws and possible reconstrustion of each organizations including DGLOW and a Eastern Regional (name escapes my mind right now) and others. RAD is in a desperate shape of needing big change itself so BADLY.

    I am not sure and will remain skeptical on Larry’s leadership and how he will run effectively with RAD Officers – despite the fact that I have known that he used to be Presidents of two rainbow clubs in Michigan and Colorado. Larry Pike as I believed was the last Presdient of MHRSD (Mile High Rainbow Society of the Deaf – I was a former member of MHRSD) when they became inactive. Why? fewer members – less than 8 members. As for me, the main reason why I left MHRSD is because I was turned off completely and left with full disgust, when he actually abandoned a deaf gay man (who happens to be a dear friend of mine) alone to be mugged and beaten up. What did Larry did when he saw? RAN AWAY – instead of stopping the beating and calling in police. I wonder will Larry be able to keep RAD up and running or more likely to cause RAD to become *shudder* inactive? The reason I bring it up this issue is I question Larry’s leadership and efficiency with RAD and wonder how it will affect the gay community as general. As for me, I know I will not attend RAD any more while Larry and David O’Toole (you know who you are) are involved.

    Honestly, I am in shock and pretty disappointed to find out that Billy Raby did not get elected because I thought he would make a great addition to RAD because he is one of the MOST hard working guy I have seen in many organizations such as RLSD, IDL, DGLOW, etc. I will never forget his care and decency to comfort one of the contestant at DGLOW when someone made a mistake in naming the winner of IMDL. What he showed me was his ability to comfort the contestant and his ability to make the people listen to his voice – now that’s leadership to me – he knows how to interact with those people very well, *far better* than Larry Pike! so, sorry to disappoint you all guys and gals, it is a HUGE loss for the RAD not to have him on the Executive Board.

    If Drago gets on the Board, you better damn well get Billy Raby gets on the same board with Drago!!! Billy and Drago will make an excellent team and they have been getting along extremely well and have worked together in the past in many years both in gay and leather community.

    Okay, enough of me rambling on and on…needs to save my energy on running errands here at home. Take care and wish you the best luck.

  19. MDD-

    There is freedom of speech on the blogs … Some comments are uncalled for, I agree! Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

    Some people have nothing else better to do beside put others down. Everyone should be pooling their resources together to make Deaf LGBTIQ community better & stronger! I’ve seen what people can do to others.

    Lot people need to step up and take the lead. There is people like us that are starting to take notice and try figure out what we can do in terms of helping to make Deaf LGBTIQ community more UNITED. Problems don’t get solved overnight… it have been building for years and it’ll take a while to get it all solved. It only take one major upheaval for people to do something about it (should have nipped it in the bud long time ago but you know most people would be passive until a certain point in time before they do something about it).

    Let’s start from the bottom and clean up from there. Make changes along the way to top. Changes are part of life and improving yourselves!

    Action speak LOUDER than words!! Mark my words, I will do my part. Rest of you need to do yours.

    Carpe Diem!

  20. May I email to Steven Schumacher. Where is he from? Give me his email address.
    Thank you

  21. Is it Deaf National Enquirer? There are some comments that are big time false information.
    Same problem with RidorLive.
    We do not need trash blog news or deaf soap opera.

  22. Well Joe… why don’t you point out what exactly is false and correct the info? So far what I see here is opinion. People are speaking up about their displeasure with RAD.

  23. Maybe next time you guys could elect some cuter guys? None of these are my type 🙁

  24. Congratulations to the new people. It’s also great to see a woman on the board. RAD has typically been very male dominated which is one of the reasons I rarely attend their conferences. Now with DLF in the picture, there is even less reason for me and other women to attend. But I wish you all the best. Good luck with your next conference.

  25. I am thrilled to see Larry Pike as RAD President because he is a good leader of the deaf community. Larry helps many different ways. I know him since I am MHRSD member for many years. MHRSD is an active chapter since 1978 to now. I’m sure that he will keep RAD active organization and work with the deaf and GLBTIQ community around the country. Congrats to RAD Officers. Good luck.

  26. I agree completely with what Toni said. If you’re a lesbian don’t waste your time and money with RAD. Go to DLF!

  27. Good luck to the new people. They have a tough job ahead of them to clean up RAD’s image. Let’s give them our support!

    If Drago ever considers running for RAD President, he would also get my vote in a heartbeat. He helped me so much with my coming out process. He’s also someone who is a true visionary. If he put his mind to it, he could really turn RAD around. Hope he’ll consider it for the future. We need people like him running RAD.

  28. Did you know that RAD have to pay Drago, RAD historian, combo ticket, hotel one week stay, and airfare? He forces RAD to pay his luxury expenses every RAD Conference.

  29. I have read many negative news about RAD and IDL in recent days. Oh boy, how terrible RAD and IDL have run, due to lack of good leadership, confidence, ethics, integrity and self-esteem. Many people have fed up with both RAD and IDL for their awful, ugly big mouths. They have sucked people’s clean bloods and destroy their human aspects and respects. Again, they are not doing right things. I believe that RAD and IDL would face the big troubles ahead and would be very sorry. Bye, bye.

  30. I’m curious why there is no mention here on this blog about the new International Deaf Leather titleholders. I know that DQRC and especially Drago are very leather-positive. So why no mention here? I hope that DQRC will recognize the new titleholders soon here and help spread the word. They need our support.

  31. As for RAD, I don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said here. They have a lot of messes to clean up.

  32. I feel bad for the 2 new Officers Frank and Michelle. I don’t think they are aware of what they’ve gotten themselves into. If they’re smart, they will resign from RAD while they’re ahead.

  33. RAD has a lot of potential to make a difference. Let’s give the new people a chance. They need our support. There’s not much that can be done about the past but we can all work together to change the future.

    Regarding IDL, we were ready to post the new titleholders here on the news blog but then learned that one of them was asked to step down so we held off. We would be happy to post new titleholders here along with their pictures as soon as we receive the official press release from IDL.

  34. I help run this blog and want to respond to the above comment regarding Drago and his Historian position. It’s shameful the person who typed that didn’t have guts to use his real name. We know who you are. Your IP, location and other information about you gets logged. I guess this is the type of “leadership” we can expect from you this term.

    Let’s set the facts straight: Drago didn’t “force” anyone to do anything. The delegates voted to give him that compensation. It was their decision. He has been the RAD historian for nearly 10 years and helped build up your RAD archives from scratch after the last historian disappeared with it. He has been paying for all RAD expenses related to his position out of his own pocket during this entire time, including the expensive storage costs. He’s never asked for reimbursement for these expenses. Instead he asked to receive similar compensation that others receive. All the Executive Board, English-French translator, Pageant Director and so on receive similiar compensation from RAD during the conferences.

    For the past 2 year term alone, Drago paid $5,400 in storage costs ($225 per month). No one has made this kind of ongoing contribution to RAD. Reimbursement to him for his conference expenses is about $1,000. That’s over $4,400 he donated to RAD. Instead of thanking him, some of the RAD Executive Board do not want him to have this compensation because he spoke up against them during board and delegate meetings. It is shameful. This kind of treatment of people who give so much to RAD is exactly why RAD is losing good people.

    Drago told me he is considering writing an open letter to the community about his experience. I really hope he does.

  35. I agreed with GAbriel, we must support these new officers during the difficult times — then the next conference, we get more “good” people on the Board — and phase the old corruptive individuals out.


  36. I don’t understand why Drago continues to remain an ally to RAD. He should dump his involvement with RAD. If it was me, I would have dumped them a long time ago.

  37. I’m shocked to hear about the treatment Drago has been receiving from RAD executive board. I always notice Drago working his butt off for RAD at the conferences as Delegate, etc. and look how much he did here to help RAD by publicizing conference, adding vlogs, etc. He is invaluable asset to RAD. They will be stupid to alienate him.

    I would like to know which executive board members specifically are giving him a hard time. All or just some?

    And Gabriel, please do encourage him to speak up and let community know what is going on. Public needs to know. If he is reading this, Drago you have my 100% support. You are one of the few people who make a big difference in our lives. RAD may not appreciate what you do, but many others like me are aware of it and appreciate it so much.

  38. Here’s my two cents … the history of any organization IS VERY valuable. It define who they are and what they stand for.

    It is definitely time-consuming yet monumental task to take on for someone ALONE. I am sure the LGBTIQ community are grateful for Drago’s steadfast devotion to preserve our Deaf Queer history for future generations. Once again, THANK YOU on the behalf of the Deaf Queer community!

    As for RAD, the new board can put aside past differences and work together toward a positive future that would be beneficial to all. Give the current RAD board a chance to show their new leadership.

    “Leadership has a harder job to do than just choose sides. It must bring sides together.” — Jesse Louis Jackson

  39. My girlfriend always tell me the words ……


    I feel DQRC did many wonderful things try keep deaf queer people together. RAD can learn how become better and let new people help them out be successful.

  40. Wow. Conversation here still live. My opion… I’m favor of supporting new officers and the new board members and keeping eagle eye on old ones. Get rid of old ones causing the problems next time rad vote for the officers. Better for rad to have all fresh new officers.

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