New RAD Officers Elected


The election of RAD officers for the 2007-2009 term took place this morning.

The election for President was an especially hot one and took over an hour with Frank Folino, Larry Pike and Billy Raby competing for the position. A majority vote could not be reached. Larry Pike finally won.

Mich Gerson, Frank Folino and Billy Raby then competed for the Vice President position. Gerson won.

Steven Schumacher won the Secretary position by acclamation.

Frank Folino and Billy Raby then squared off for the Treasurer position. Folino won.

The new RAD officers are as follows:

President: Larry Pike
Vice President: Mich Gerson
Treasurer: Frank Folino
Secretary: Steven Schumacher


Update: Photo of new officers added above. From left to right: Pike, Gerson, Schumacher, Folino. Photo copyright 2007 by Henry Carter.

111 thoughts on “New RAD Officers Elected”

  1. I was reading the other article here and it says Mich Gerson is from NJ and Frank Folino from Canada.

  2. Here is my feedback/tips for the new RAD Executive and Board: Let people know what you are doing. Complaints I always hear from everyone is that RAD does nothing during their 2-year-term except bicker among each other. With exception of one in Atlanta and Orlando, they don’t even put together the conferences. It is the Chapters who are doing all the dirty work for the conferences while RAD Executive and Board sits on their butts and keeps the profits. I’m wondering what they do with the profits?

    So my advice, tell us what you do. In Washington, D.C., there was motion passed that President must give report 2x year to public about what RAD is doing. What happened? I never saw it and it is not on RAD web page.

    Many of the Chapters and Delegates complain that the Delegate meetings waste their time because often the RAD Executive Board does not follow through with the motions or ignore them completely if they don’t like. That’s wrong.

    Do your job and you won’t see so many people complaining.

  3. About Drago: I know him for many years. I know him before he was “him”. I know he will scold me and say “i’m always a him” but you know what I mean. He is a very generous person and one of the few visionaries and people with integrity that we have in our small deaf glbt community. He has done so much for us. If he ever runs for RAD president, he will be a great one. No doubt he will turn RAD around 180 degrees.

  4. Thank god for freedom of speech and expression! I always find the comments the best part of any blog.

    As a mental health professional, it’s also healthy to have an outlet to express one’s feelings. I appreciate the Deaf Queer Resource Center for allowing that here. Though, it is my hope that more of you will try and be more constructive in your comments. Just saying RAD stinks doesn’t help anyone. Giving examples, on the other hand, on what RAD can do to improve itself could make a world of a difference.

    Keep in mind that like many other organizations, RAD is a volunteer organization. People are donating their time for you, me, all of us. Our leaders, like each one of us, are human and make mistakes. Let’s enourage them, pick them up when they fall, and give them room to grow so they’ll do better next time. Life is a learning process and we’re all learning.
    All of us.

    I also want to add that I’m another drago fan. Like so many others, his work has touched me deeply on so many levels. I’m grateful to him and others like him that continue to put themselves out there for us.

    To the new RAD leaders, mazel tov! I wish you all the best. I’m confident you’ll do the best job you can and that’s all we ask of you.

  5. I was trying to find some information regarding D-Glow or something among those lines. I went to the RAD website and the link didn’t work. I was wondering if there was a conference scheduled for 2008.

  6. Well… I think Drago has probably done more for deaf gays than anyone I know. However, I wouldn’t want him to be president of RAD. Why? Simply because I prefer to keep it gay or lesbian. Drago is a straight man now. It doesn’t make sense for him to lead RAD.

  7. BTW, I have not seen any action from the new RAD officers. Get off your lazy asses, people! Chop chop!!

  8. For 10 3/4:

    Drago consider himself as a “Transman.” He still give workshops/lectures on Transgendered issues and his journey as “Transman.” However, he is STILL a QUEER brother to me period.

    You have odd way of thinking. You said prefer to keep it gay or lesbian … does that mean you don’t support trans, bisexual, or any other queer individuals beside lesbian/gay??

    Just my two cents. I’m entitled to my opinions but I don’t have to like yours.

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