Deaf Lesbian Festival Launches New Website


The Deaf Lesbian Festival (DLF) Committee has launched a new website with information about its upcoming 5th Biennial Deaf Lesbian Festival, which is slated for June 25-29, 2008 in San Francisco.

Jennifer Ann Cook (JAC) and Chriz Dally are the Co-Chairs. Committee members include Liz Brading (Logistics & Tours), Judy Gough (Registration), Regina Johnson (Graphic Design), Ella Mae Lentz (Workshops), Dodi Ellis (Finance), Susan Gonzalez (Dyke Ball), Sarah Hafer (Fundraising) and Sally Garza (Hospitality).

The website was designed by Laura Harvey. Check it out and learn more about DLF at

33 thoughts on “Deaf Lesbian Festival Launches New Website”

  1. It looks like DLF Committee have top-notch staff. It’d be great to see you JAC & Sarah Hafer again (been too long!).

    It’s going to be mind-blowing and spectacular experience for me and my partner. It will be our first DLF visit!

    San Francisco, here we come!!! Let paint the city Lesbian Style! :o)

    *waving hands*
    Nan & Mary

  2. Wow. Hotel is expensive. $199 per night! Not sure I will be able to go there. Too expesnive. Do you have cheaper hotels nearby? Remember not all of us are rich.

  3. $199.00 a night ? Jezz I rather buy a bag of herb and stand at the conner and meet lebso gals.

  4. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing you concerns about the hotel. Please note that hotel costs are typically $300 or more a night. SF is one of the most expensive cities in the world and we worked hard to get the best deal we could get at a nice hotel that is in downtown SF. We will be offering to help with putting together roommates to save on money if desired. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. If I were a lesbian I’d go ๐Ÿ™‚ hotel is not so bad if you share with 3 others it only cost you $50.

  6. Ooh, I wish I was a lesbian instead. This conference looks so amazing. Is Deaf gay man allowed to go there?! Anyone please let me know!

    $199, especially in San Francisco, is cheaper than most, FYI.


  7. I heard some are boycotting it because hearing partners are not allowed to come. Is that true?

  8. Use Monticello Hotel. Cost about $85 a night. It’s located near Union Square.
    Use to find cheap rate

  9. Hi! Question for DLF…. Are bi women welcome? Do you have to identify as lesbian to attend?

  10. Bisexual, transsexuals and hearing women are not allowed. Go set up your own festival. Lesbians ONLY please.

  11. Ridor-

    If you want go to DLF conference badly, dress up in drag to see if us lesbians can catch you red-handed. Perhaps, you secretly want to be “wo-manhandled” by dykes all way through the hotel to outside. lol. =o)

  12. Actually, I’d LOVE to observe the DLF and write for! It’d be quite an experience and educational, right?

    I would not interfere nor anything — just observe how they do it. I heard lots of praises in Austin, Provincetown, DC and Seattle. So naturally, I’m intrigued and interested to see why they succeeded at something that the RAD failed miserably.



  13. Doubtful they’d let you in Ridor. *chuckle* I think their whole point is to have women-only space. My lesbian friends tell me that women often go nude or topless at these type of festivals. Wonder if they do this at dlf.

  14. ((( eyes widen )))

    Did someone say topless lesbians??? I’m soooooo there!!!

    DLF here I come!!!!

  15. I wonder if there is any way possible will have an individual ticket instead of combo ticket? For example: Dyke Ball event only on Saturday nite?

  16. It’s true that at some womyn’s festivals womyn go nude or topless such as Michigan Womyn’s Festival. But this doesn’t happen at DLF (yet). Why not? Well I think because first we are too small number and know each other. Too embarrassing. Also, unlike the hearing womyn’s festivals, DLF does not have its own land and is blocked away from public. Maybe someday that will change. Who knows! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I think it would be so farout if they did allow to go top less. I would do it. I’m not embarrassed. I have done at Michigan many times. It is way to feel free and proud ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I’m sad to hear that Bi womyn are not welcome ๐Ÿ™ That’s messed up.

    The 70s are over. Time for Lesbians to accept your Bi and Trans sisters!!!

  19. how many deaf lesbians in USA ? still cant find any deaf lesbian in CO. some deaf lesbians in CO prefer hearing lesbians in their relationships.

  20. *2008*DLF Committee*
    I gotta sayรขโ‚ฌยฆ
    Grrllls- you-, *ROCK* !!! Your latest DLF design/ website, is by far, the most aesthetically appealing!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Nods) DLF is deaf-initely the place to BE! Come 2008, the simple 3;
    ‘Frisco, Pride Weekend, & DLF (in micro & macro cohesiveness)… ‘Tis, a *PrIcEleSs* opportunity! W/O even trying one becomes the ubiquitous
    “bee”, among the “we”….
    Fate be told, I wouldn’t wait (to come on down/ovr), & SEE! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ((( Just a thot…There are 8-9 months to prepare for the DLF expenses…
    When there’s a will (to hold), solutions be told! Roommates (2,3,4 are being offered right now, alternative hotels, and early booking/planning …creative will is amazing skill…Whatcha waiting for? Come ON over (up, down, or wherever, you are coming from! :)))
    See you soon!

    Your SoCal/ L.A., sistah
    Rock, on!!!

  21. Thank you, Liz Brading for mentioning – Glad to see someone mentioning that there is someone who will look after lesbians who need roommates to share a room because two years ago I bought early combo for DLF in Austin, Texas. I also asked early about finding roommates. No reply! I asked again, and they gave me email names only one month before the big festival started. I contacted all of them, and they were taken or changed their minds. Result was that I had to cancel my trip and lost money on Combo Ticket rather than losing over $2,000 for a few days without a roommate. I hope the committee has COMPASSION to help out those registered to find roommates, not on their own – its being difficult from my own experience in Provincetown, Mass. That’s why I did not want to have repeated same experience in Texas. Good news…I am already registered (my third time) because I already found roommates (their first time).

  22. Living in San Francisco, there’s plenty of hostel at the rate from 16 to 30 or so dollar per night. ie: green tortoise. check google.

    If you ever want to take stroll around the city with lesbian vibes. For address and check event…use google with the name of bar I listed below,

    1.Lexington bar =Mainly lesbian bar with hot tough mission style hipster. Usually really hot bartender/tip them well and they will return you with warming feeling. Monday/a dollar pabst and free pooltable)
    2.Transfer=dance floor check out which day for lesbian night
    3.Cafe=Huge dancefloor however mostly gay/One night per week Lesbian night.
    4.Wild West bar= mainly lesbian bar in Bernal Height good for over 30’s amazing patio/backyard!!!/pooltable/cute small fireplace Bigger than Lexington bar. Downearth vibe.
    5.El Rio bar. Monday a dollar Pabst or Sunday daytime/big patio in the back.
    6.Mecca bar. Professional high class dress code usually over 30’s on Thursday night
    7.Parkside bar. lesbian bartender. Hipster/punk/artist/ depend on night and band shows usually on Thursday night
    8.Make-out room bar. Every last Wed. of the month. Dancefloor/DJ hot hipster mission style. fashion/sexy/chill moods.

    Have Fun!!!

  23. congratutations for 5 anniversary . i had five year joined from deafqueer. i liked interest and meet few ppl was fun and joke wonderful. have fun !

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