RAD 2007 Conference Wrap-Up Report



While this serves as the 2007 Conference Report, it is also a letter of thanks to many, many people.

On the behalf of Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf Board, we are pleased to announce that we had a grand total of 120 attendees at our Atlanta conference: 108 men and twelve women. The RAD Board, along with the RAD 2007 Conference committee, hosted this wondrous event at the Marriott Hotel, only twelve miles north of downtown Atlanta. The staff at the hotel exemplified the term “Southern hospitality” with their warm, welcoming and generous natures. Steven Schumacher worked on the hotel accommodations, securing the low cost of $99 a night, ensuring that those who wanted to attend the conference could afford to do so. Thank you, Steven!

The RAD Board would also like to thank all the volunteers and committees who donated their time and efforts to make our conference so successful. Without them, the week would have not been successful. Thank you!

The officers, delegates, Members-at-Large and committee chairs met for five days of the week to debate RAD business. Libby Pollard served as our parliamentarian. On the last day, elections were held — and there were two positions in which did not reach a majority: President and Vice President. Voting took place five times for the President and two times for the Vice President. Mich Gerson is our new Vice President. Originally from New Jersey, she now attends college at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester , N.Y. Steven Schumacher from Maryland was voted in as our Secretary. The election for Treasurer was also very close. Frank Folino from Toronto, Ontario Canada is our new Treasurer. We want to thank those who ran for RAD Officer positions: your dedication and love to RAD is unmistakable, and we are so glad to have you as part of our family. We also want to recognize the hard work of the law committee: David Nelson, James Maloney and Ricky Drake. Last but not least, a very special thanks to the Members-at-Large, delegates and committee chairs for their unyielding dedication to RAD.

The RAD Pageant was a success! Thanks must be extended to David Rink and Ed Carrigan for their planning and coordinating, and to Alex Leffers for being the Master of Ceremonies. We also thank all the contestants! Juan Bernal of Chicago won the title of Mr. RAD and Jamie Wessinger from Georgia is now Miss RAD. Their shows were outstanding!

To our sponsors: CSDVRS, Sprint, Sorenson Communications, and the International Gay Bowling Organization helped sponsor our conference. Many thanks for their generous support!

Donations: PRDS (Peachtree Rainbow Deaf Society – Atlanta, GA) donated $2,000 to RAD. Many Thanks for their support.

Interpreter Service: We want to thank David Cowan who have helped with the interpreter’s schedulings. Many Thanks to Mandy Bracken, Marc Burton, Brad Dale, Nic Chorpash, Jennifer Mantle, Jon Shive Donna Flanders and Bob Clements.

Exhibitors: Many Thanks to GACHI, Sprint Relay, WCRAD/RAD 2009, GA Hamilton Relay, IDL 2007/IDL 2008-PLCD, Sorenson Communications and CSDVRS.

Those who hosted the RAD workshops cannot go unrecognized: Thanks to Andy Bartley, HIV/AIDS: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself; Elizabeth “Libby” Pollard, ABCs Of Parliamentary Procedures: Workshop Objectives; and to Tim Riker, Investing 101. Your workshops were incredibly informative!

The RAD Banquet was on the last night of the conference. Our gratitude is extended to Jose Granda, the Master of Ceremonies for the RAD Banquet. This year presented a new award: the President’s Award, which was appropriately given to our first RAD President, Herbert Fradin. Also, the Man and Woman of the Year 2007 awardees were Michel Turgeon from Montreal, Quebec and Marlee Matlin from California.

The RAD 2009 Committee deserves recognition for their dedication to ensuring that the Chicago conference will be an outstanding success. Not only did they man a booth the whole week, but they also graced us with a show and a presentation at the Banquet. Their performance, along with their slideshow of breathtaking Chicago and enthusiastic WCRAD members, was well-received: RAD 2009 will be a SUCCESS! For more information, please go to www.wcrad.org.

As previously mentioned, we have two new RAD executive officers: Michelle “Mich” Gerson, Vice President, and Frank Folino, Treasurer. Welcome aboard! Further Board positions will be announced as soon as they are determined.

Many thanks to Bob Donaldson and Barbara Hathaway for their performance as RAD President and Vice-President 2005-2007. Thanks to Bob Rourke and Alex Leffers as IDL Representatives, Rene Vargas as the RAD Youth Representative, John Maxwell as the DBCO Representative, David Rink as the GLAD-E Representative, David O’Toole and Billy Raby as Deaf GLOW Representatives, Billy “Zookie” Barr and Drago Renteria as DQRC Representatives, and Alex Richey as the Senior Citizen Representative.

Gratitude goes out to Henry Carter as RAD Webmaster, Ricky Drake as English/French Translator, Scot Pott as RAD Chapter Moderator and Drago Renteria as RAD Historian. We could not succeed as an organization serving the Community without the help of so many people. We are forever indebted for your hard work.

As one term ends and another begins, there is only one promise the new Board can make: we promise to serve the Deaf queer community with love in our hearts, determination in our character, and faith in our fellowship,

Larry Pike
RAD President Elect

Bob Donaldson
RAD Outgoing President

28 thoughts on “RAD 2007 Conference Wrap-Up Report”

  1. What a fluff peice. Give us a break. 120 people makes it a success? And thanks to Barbara Hathaway and Bob Donaldson for what they did during their terms? Sheesh. What have you RAD people been smoking?!

  2. yawn, Rad Pagent a success???
    Gasp!!! Miss RAD looks like a pump up steriod albino freak in aisan fast food restrant curtain.
    I can’t look at it anymore or I will go blind. I expect a grand grand pagent in Chicago…….

  3. Oh come on. Be nice. Miss RAD did his best. Granted, his talent show part was a bit weird where he basically sang a song in voice without signing, but hey, it took guts. I applaud him and everyone else who was involved in the show. Plus the new Mr. RAD is pretty hot!

  4. ((( eyes rolling )))
    So much B.S. in this press release that I didn’t even bother reading it all.


  5. IDL also deserves more credit for helping bring more people to the conference. Without IDL contest happening, I’m sure it would be even less numbers than 120.

  6. I’m curious who wrote this. Both Bob and Larry have “stinky” English. This is not their writing style.


  8. Please stop talking negative. I know some of you dont like it, but if you could contribute and give us some postive feedback. We could improve RAD and for the rest of yall, THANKS! 🙂 \m/_

  9. Of course they didn’t write it. They’re not smart enuff to write something like that.

    RAD stinks.

  10. I’m curious what dqrc gets in exchange for all the free publicity that dqrc gives RAD like this?

  11. I could be wrong (and please correct me if I am) but I don’t think DQRC gets anything in return for their support and contributions to RAD. Just like the individual RAD chapters who pay dues don’t get anything in return either.

  12. Congratultions. I think 120 is not a bad number.

    Also, me very surprised to see Sorenson was an exhibiter. I thought they were very conservative and religions. Guess they will do anything for a dollar.

  13. Why so many dislike rad??? I hear same thing complaints over and over from my friends about rad. I think the rad are just try to do their best. They are not perfect.

  14. Agree that RAD is not perfect. Far from it. There is alot of room for improvements. If we give them our support, maybe this will encourage the new people will do a better job this 2-year-term. I hope they will keep us all in the loop so we will know what they are all doing. Maybe they do more than we know about. Communication is key.

  15. RAD Chapters are the only ones that are paying chapter dues to RAD. for your FYI, none of Member-At-Large (GLADE, Deaf GLOW, DQRC, Senior Citizen, Lesbian-At-Large, and (look up in the Bylaws/Policy Manual), they don’t pay any membership dues to RAD.

    The membership dues were enough to mail lots lots lots of hard copies of minutes, bylaws, policy manual, conference guidelines/Policy.

    To see what other standing committee gets from RAD, I suggest that you read Bylaws and Policy Manual, it will tell you what RAD pays to people. I understand that all officers and RAD Board are to pay out of their pockets to attend RAD2007, due to low funds after RAD decided it was best to continue with RAD Conference after PDRS made the decision to back out. The RAD Board made the decision that participants are far more important to spend money on than on the Board. So the agreement on the Board had a majority vote for officers/Board to pay out of their pockets. SO nobody on RAD Board will getting reimbursed. RAD Board thought of consumers/participant as FIRST, not themselves.

  16. Desmond, Libby Pollard is not gay. She’s married and straight. She was hired for last two conferences as the Parliamentarian because RAD president not know what he’s doing. RAD spent a lot of $$$ on it when they could have gotten it free from volunteer Parliamentarians like in the past. Waste of $$$.

  17. Leslie, you say membership dues go to pay for hard copies of blah blah blah, but doesn’t that all benefit RAD? How does those documents benefit the chapters? I don’t see your point. Same thing with the delegate meetings… it is waste of time. For what? They are for RAD’s benefit. I do not see how they benefit individual chapters. What do chapters get in return from RAD? Explain to me.

  18. My opinion, all the Executive board should always pay for their own conference expenses. I do not believe they do enough to get any kind of $$$ from RAD. Everyone should pay their own way all the time. Period. Someone should make motion about this at next conference. Also someone should remove Past presidents get free combo. That is so dumb. Waste of RAD’s $$$.

  19. I agree. Chapters dont get enuff from RAD. They should stop paying RAD dues and RAD should stop requesting them.

  20. YES! I agree 100% RAD Executive Board should pay they’re own way all the time and stop leech off the RAD money from us and from the host chapters. Almost every other group I know, the Executive Board and Board pays they’re own way. There is nothing special about RAD Executive Board or what they do that they should get freebies.

  21. RAD need to be overhauled bad!!!! hope new peeps on RAD will clean up.

    I know few new peeps who can clean up if get enough others to support them.

    See if RAD prez can change or not??? we all wait see that. plezzz more lesbians. i think lesbians do it better.

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