Fraternization costs International Mr. Deaf Leather title


New International Mr. Deaf Leather, Jerry
Garmany, with Brad Dale aka “Boy B”

By Mr. Marcus
Bay Area Reporter

What happens when a contestant wins a title and is later found to have fraternized with the head judge? It was at the International Mr. Deaf Leather contest in Atlanta two weekends ago when one hot man, Kevin Steffy, was named the winner on Saturday night.

Photos were taken. A press release and photos were sent out. Then lo and behold, it was made known to the judges that Steffy had “fraternized” with head judge Steve Kennedy of Seattle.

Result: Steffy relinquished the title. The first runner-up, Jerry Garmany, of Washington, D.C., assumed the title. The one boy contestant did not achieve the required number of points so did not win the title. Instead, last year’s winner, Brad “Boy B” Dale, will keep the title for another year.

Not mentioned in the press release was whether the offending head judge was admonished in any way, shape or form for this lapse in judgment. Who is to blame? The judge or the contestant? Since the “fraternization” was not spelled out, is it safe to assume lust played a part? Did they play Scrabble or dominoes? Whatever the reason, remember one thing: There will always be someone watching. Someone will always let scandals leak. It is disappointing to learn, however, that a judge – and the head judge at that – would resort to such an action. What’s wrong with this picture?

(( Source: Bay Area Reporter ))

16 thoughts on “Fraternization costs International Mr. Deaf Leather title”

  1. Well, someone at IDL isn’t telling the truth. As a result from a couple of the IDL representatives’ actions in the past year, they have severely tarnished the Leathermen’s integrity, culture and standards, so I never considered IDL as a “real” Leathermen organization!

  2. Yeah, I heard about this. It is unfortunate. Makes IDL look really bad. But then again, isn’t “leather” really all about sex or expression of alternative sex, bottom line? So who cares if a judge slept with a contestant? The while IDL titles are a big joke. Come on, be honest, no one takes them seriously. So who cares?

  3. IMHO the whole thing is fucked up. Steve Kennedy should have known better. He’s supposed to be a role model. IDL should also strip him of his title for what he did. Why only the other titleholder? Steve is more at fault. He’s brought alot of shame to the IDL organization. Because of his actions, I agree that its going to be harder for people to take IDL seriously, especially the hearing Leatherfolx, who will think we don’t have very high standards or self-restraint.

    To IDL’s credit, they didn’t try to sweep this under the rug. I think that’s the only saving grace here.

  4. You’re wrong, Frank. IDL was sweeping something stinky under the rug. As far as I am concerned, Kevin and Steve were not “fraternalizing”. But someone said they did. Who was the witness? Where did this incident happen? When did it happen? Did anyone else fraternalized? Jerry Garmany was seen fraternalizing with Crystal Sisk and Brad “Boy B” Dale before and during the leather contest. Rumors flew around from the IDL representatives that the Kevin/Steve incident happened Thursday night. Another representative claimed it happened Saturday night. There were too many stories and “facts” that do not match each other. IDL did not hold a hearing and give Kevin and Steve a fair due process.

    This is a pile of stinky shit. IDL is now an official joke.

  5. I reported this on before Bay Area Reporter did.

    And it makes credible as usual.

    Again, what did I say about RAD before? They are one big dysfunctional organization.


  6. I have heard about 10 different stories. I do not know which one to believe. Why not IDL make press statement and clear up what happen? I went to their www page and nothing there.

    Ridor you are too obsessed. Seem you have one track mind. IDL is not RAD. So what is your point???? You need some serious therapy and anger management.

  7. I can’t compehend why some people are “into leather” and practice sick things like s&m. I think the whole think is sick and abusive.

  8. The One and Only Alpha Hotel: Me thinks thou doth protest too much. The obsession is now a confession. Still, me thinks this is much ado about nothing. Surely, you’re smarter than this? Perhaps I shall concede that my illusion of your brilliance is but an illusion.

    Bouquets to IDL for, in face of impending harsh crticism, coming clean (I hope their intentions are true).
    Brickbats for this whole thing at all (and for the most ridiculous folks coming out of the woodwork seeking validation).

  9. Ridor…… What does IDL have to do with RAD? Nothing! Your rag “national enquirer” blog has about as much credibility as a pile of dog shit. No one takes you seriously. The only credible and serious thing about you is that you’re a serious joke. I wish you were not gay. You bring so much embarrassment to our gay deaf community.

  10. RAD should separate from IDL. It always disgusts me that they have the contest during same time RAD. Should be separate. IDL is disgusting sex practice with the whips and chains and blood. It is gross.

  11. Ridor,

    What would you do if you were President of IDL or RAD? I think yours would be flop and no difference than the rest of the Board officers who tried their best!

  12. All of the leather contests now are nothing more than a fashon show to win you only have to look good you not need to know the history of organised BDSM or how to wield a whip or flogger and do it safly the whole scene is full of posers and visa card masters and book trained total tops that did not start on the bottom as I did and work up thru the ranks and prove to the older masters that you know what you are doing Those are the cowards that cant take what they give out Ive quit the organised scene of the clubs and there stuck up royality of leather !

  13. Leslie: Actually, I was the chairperson of Jr. NAD Eastern Regional Conference. I organized, planned and scheduled everything in advance. I even brought $9,000 to the organization and not a dime was used/loaned from the host school at all.

    I firmly believe that if I host one RAD Conference, it’d be smashin’ successful — how? Well-executed information with plans and schedules in ADVANCE!

    You simply cannot offer the schedule and plans a MONTH before the RAD Conferene!! Look at Deaf Lesbians Festival — they are going to succeed in San Fran — why?? Because thy plan, inform and schedule everything in advance.

    Capisce? I’m sure if I assume one RAD Conference, I can bring 1K registrants!


  14. CJ…. i dont think all leathermen practice unsafe sex. some are not bloody or pain. i don’t like pain myself.

    i think what they do with sex are their business not yours. they just want show leather modeling at IDL.

    something wrong with IDL if kick out those for doing some stupid thing. something don’t sound right! i don’t support corrupt judges. it is a shame.

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