Daphne Wright Documentary to Air

Daphne Wright

On Sunday, August 12th at 9 PM Central time, the Oxygen channel will
air a thirty minute documentary on the Daphne Wright case. To our
knowledge, this is the first Wright-related documentary to air on

The documentary is part of Oxygen’s Snapped true-crime series which
profiles cases of women accused of murder.

Documentary Description: “Daphne Wright faced many challenges as a
deaf lesbian minority living in the conservative Midwest. But, when
her romantic rival was brutally murdered and dismembered, Daphne
would also find herself facing the death penalty. 30 minutes. (TV-PG)”

24 thoughts on “Daphne Wright Documentary to Air”

  1. Hope Daphne Wright don’t throw out excuses on TV to justify her horrendous actions in taking somebody’s life away to satisfy her own jealousy and selfishness. She need to own up to it herself.

    Please take a moment of silence to remember Darlene and how she have touched everyone on her life journey. Don’t ever forget her. Life is too precious!

    * * *

    “Every single moment of your life you must choose from a number of alternatives. What you choose determines where you will end up.” – Shall Sinha

  2. The documentary maker contacted me to see if I could get a picture of Sallie, but I declined as I didn’t have Sallie’s permission.

  3. “Romantic rival”? Already the makers of the “documentary” are getting it wrong in the very first description to go out to the media.

    The deaf community has an uphill fight in the media to try and mainain the truth, never mind their own viewpoints.

  4. This is no doubt the first of many to come. Sounds from the description they will be sympathic to her.

    I wonder if they will show how she didn’t get a fair trial.

  5. Georgia,

    You will be able to view this certain episode at http://www.shedidwhat.tv after tonight. However, it will be neither captioned or subtitled.

    If you still want to view it, you will be able to find it at http://www.shedidwhat.tv after the show tonight or within the next few days. It might take some time for Oxygen broadcasting company to post their episodes.

    At the http://www.shedidwhat.tv homepage, do the followings to find this certain Snapped episode:

    1) Click on the “TV shows” tab

    2) You will see the listings, look for and click on “Snapped”

    3) There, you’ll see a several episodes that were aired on Oxygen channel

    Hopefully the Daphine Wright case will appear on shedidwhat.tv soon.

  6. I don’t have any sympathy whatsoever for Daphne Wright. There’s no reason to kill unless it’s in self-defense. The evidence is overwhelmingly obvious especially with the DNA.

    Why do you think Daphne didn’t get fair trail?? It was basically fair since there was ELEVEN womenand a man on jury. The court made sure to provide interpreters, real time captioners and ensured that she have privacy with her lawyers. But, she is still entitled to appeals just like everyone who is accused of a crime. I won’t be surprised her lawyers already appealed the guilty verdict based on her disability, sexual orientation and race for a new trial.

    She snapped due to jealousy over close friendship between her ex and Darlene. Nothing else.

  7. I feel she did horrible thing but also feel trial was not fair. How is a jury of all white, straight, hearing women a “jury of her peers”? Also judge refused to provide her with CDI interpreters.

  8. Fran – if a Deaf person kills you, we’ll be sure to sympathize with the killer by saying that the jury was not balanced enough and that the killer didn’t have CDI interpreters. Nothing about you…

    PFFFFFFT! Daphne deserves it! She had a fair trial. The evidence was overwhelming. There was nothing she could have done to save her skin – so, tough luck!

    Rest in peace, Darlene. Daphne is all locked up for life.

  9. It’s an appalling observation in that one says the jury has to have a deaf majority for a deaf person alleged of a crime.

    Does this defeat the arguement that Deaf people are seeking an equal playing field/opportunity within the world?

    Does this denote a pathological mentality of deafness that not only comes from outside?

    By the same token, what defines the deaf community’s peer within the criminal justice system?

    I am asking to understand.

  10. Damnit. I missed it. Thanks for the info on where to go to see it online. Too bad they don’t have plans to cc it.

  11. I heard Darlene was curious about become lesbian but only few knew. Not true she straight. True business?

  12. I heard the same rumor about Darlene but I believe we should all honor how she identified at the end, as heterosexual. Maybe later in her life she might have come out of closet, maybe not. We will never know for sure thanks to what Daphne did.

  13. me heard dat daffney was a serious minge muncher.
    one of mi cousins dat is gay said they got wif her at dis party and she wasnt even that gud.

  14. Ridor says he has a credible source that the ex-girlfriend was involved. What a bunch of baloney. If she has been, they would have arrested her, too. She was at no time a suspect.

    As usual, Ridor makes up facts to seek attention.

  15. i know this woman. She is not a monster like they described her as. She was very nice, pure and genuine. She wasnt phony in any way. As a deaf woman she had to face alot of obstacles in her life and this was one of them. Hearing people do not understand what they go through all their lives. You see it,you dont live it.

  16. I’m trying to get daphne’s info cuz i’d like to write 2 her. It’s gotta b hard in prison not being able to talk 2 anyone.

  17. It’s got to be hard being in prison?
    You must be insane, she aught to be six feet under for what she did.

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