Eyes of Desire 2: A Deaf GLBT Reader Released


EYES OF DESIRE 2: A DEAF GLBT READER a new anthology edited by Raymond Luczak


What does it mean to be a Deaf GLBT person in the world today? Over
85 Deaf and hearing people from all over the world share their
stories, interviews, poems, and more in this anthology. Straight
people also share their experiences.


Fourteen years ago Raymond Luczak’s first anthology Eyes of Desire: A
Deaf Gay & Lesbian Reader (Alyson, 1993) was nominated for two Lambda
Literary Awards. It was also the first and only book in the world
that focused on the Deaf GLBT community. As Luczak explains in his
online subtitled video (http://www.handtype.com/books/eod2/clips.html
), “it was time to … follow up to see whether the Deaf GLBT
community had changed since then.”

Eyes of Desire 2: A Deaf GLBT Reader features rarely-heard “voices”
such as a Deaf Ethiopian bisexual woman, a hard-of-hearing intersexed
transgender musician, a Deaf ex-gay man, a Deaf lesbian witch, a Deaf
gay Asian, a Deaf lesbian FTM rock ‘n roll drummer, an older British
non-signing deaf man, a Deaf black gay HIV-positive man, a hearing
partner of a Deaf transman, a Deaf gay Hispanic man, a Deaf black
lesbian tomfemme pagan, a Deaf gay hearing-aid fetishist, a Deaf
Hindu lesbian, a DeafBlind Jewish gay man, a Deaf straight woman with
two mommies, a Deaf leather titleholder, and a Deaf lesbian with an
identical twin Deaf lesbian sister. Countries include Canada, Chile,
England, Ethiopia, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Russia, and South Africa.
Subjects cover coming out, family, identity, relationships,
community, and activism.


Raymond Luczak (www.raymondluczak.com) is the author of the
forthcoming Deaf gay novel Men with Their Hands, the first-place
winner of the Project: QueerLit 2006 Contest, which Suspect Thoughts
Press will publish in 2008. His eight books include essays, poems,
and stageplays. His films include two full-length documentaries.
Thirteen of his stageplays have been performed in three countries. He
lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Order from: http://www.handtype.com/orders

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45 thoughts on “Eyes of Desire 2: A Deaf GLBT Reader Released”

  1. Wow! Sounds really good! I hope it’s more interesting than the first one.

    Does anyone know if it be available in bookstores or only through the www site?

  2. I’m curious who are the people who wrote in the book. I think I recognize one or two from cover photo. Can you add list of who?

  3. I can’t wait to read it. I have to confess that I never finished the first Eyes. Like JR, I found it a bit tedious. Most of the writing was pretty bad. I didn’t think it was well edited.

    I hope the writing in this one will be better and the stories a more accurate portrayal of our community. Seems like Raymond went for the exotic this time around. So we shall see.

    I also hope hearies buy the book. But at $20, dunno how many will. Seems expensive.

  4. The $20.00 price tag plus shipping does seem a bit steep but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

    Congratulations Raymond.

  5. I’ll be buying the book for sure and after reading it will consider adding it to my reading recommendations list for my ASL students.

    I just want to point out the love affair some people in our Deaf community seems to have with the words “first” and “only”. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Such as this statement from the news article above: “It was also the first and only book in the world that focused on the Deaf GLBT community.”

    How do you *know* that for a fact? It’s just not possible unless you’ve been to every part of the world. There could have been something published in a small country that Deaf lgbts in that country that didn’t get much publicity.

    I also know of another book that was published a few years ago that was all about a Deaf gay teen called Rad Boy. I forgot the title of the book. It got stolen from my office before I had a chance to finish reading it. So there is at least one other book that has focused on the Deaf gay experience. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more that we don’t know about.

  6. can i just say that i hate hate hate the title. makes me cringe. i wish the editor could ve come up with a better one this time around. the sexual connotations are distasteful. it s a bit embarrassing. there s more to us than just sex.

  7. Hello all:

    Thank you for all your input on EYES OF DESIRE 2: A DEAF GLBT READER (EOD2).

    I will respond to each person who commented in turn.

    1. JR: I think you will find this new book a *LOT* better. It’s certainly less “whiney” and far more focused. You should check out the table of contents available as a PDF download here: http://www.handtype.com/media/EOD2TOC2.pdf For the time being, the quickest way to get the book into your hands is via http://www.handtype.com/orders (and yes, believe it or not, PayPal accepts credit cards).

    2. Rosie: You can check out a bigger-sized image of the cover at http://www.handtype.com/books/eod2/ . As for a list of who’s who on the cover, check out the PDF of the Table of Contents. That should give you an idea of who’s who.

    3. Anonymous: I didn’t just go for the “exotic.” I knew that my first book was very limited in many ways, but I was also limited–and frustrated–by what I was able to find at the time. Many people didn’t know whether to trust me or not; I never had a book published before, so it was all new for many of us who was involved with the first book. Thanks to the Internet, I was able to broaden my search and find strong stories about the Deaf GLBT experience. I think the book is far superior in practically every way to the first edition. You might be pleasantly shocked. 🙂 As for the book being “expensive,” well, I have to say that I’m not a big publisher who can afford to price books so low and still break even. Part of the problem these days is that paper itself has gotten very expensive. (I was quite shocked by how much a single ream of paper costs these days.) In any case, I didn’t want to give this book a “textbook” price because that would’ve limited the book to very few people when it was far more important to spread awareness about the Deaf GLBT community out there. Some friends said that I should price the book at $29.95 (!!!), but I’ve obviously disagreed.

    4. Mark Welsh: “Pah!!!!!”? YES!!!! I’ve never worked so hard on a book in my life, and believe me, I’ve done some tough projects in the past. But it’s been all worth it because I feel that it’s important to remind the hearing GLBT (and straight) community that we are still here, that we still exist.

    5. Mensa Man: Thank you for your kind words. I think that you will find the book to be worth $20. I hope you will email me when you read it and let me know what you think. 🙂

    6. Eric: I am sorry about your pet peeve. I’ve talked with folks from all over the world, and my first book was indeed the only and first title to focus on the Deaf GLBT people as a *community*. I’ve heard of that book RAD BOY, but that is certainly not the first about a Deaf gay person. That honor *might* go to Carson McCullers’s novel THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER. Singer, the main character who is deaf, lives with a fat Greek man who isn’t exactly charming. There seems to be no plausible explanation for this living situation. But it all makes more sense when you realize that McCullers herself was bisexual. Granted, I don’t know everything about McCullers’s life or how her first novel got inspired. I hope others would know more than I do, and if so, I hope they’ll share it here!

    That said, there are two other books by hearing writers that incorporate Deaf gay characters, most notably Joseph Geraci’s unfortunately mistitled THE DEAF-MUTE BOY and Aaron Hamburger’s FAITH FOR BEGINNERS. There’s also Alex Jeffers’s novel SAFE AS HOUSES, which is about a hearing gay couple where one partner has Deaf parents. But notice that all of these novels were written by hearing writers. It is my hope that my Deaf gay novel MEN WITH THEIR HANDS, which will come out next year, will help encourage other Deaf GLBT writers to share their experiences in print.

    7. Ben: Don’t worry–I will be talking to the Gallaudet University Bookstore sometime soon. My plate’s very full at the moment. :-/ Thanks for the suggestion, though.

    8. i heart jake: Actually, I agree with you about the title. But the problem was that so many people knew about EYES OF DESIRE as a title from fourteen years ago; it was sold in five countries around the world. When I put out the call for submissions, I knew that EYES OF DESIRE 2 as a title would make for quicker “name recognition.” But the word “eyes” was a reference to how many Deaf people get around in the world, and the word “desire” isn’t always about sex. It’s about wanting so many things–communication, connection, love, and all of that. If I wanted to focus on sex, I’d have called it EYES OF LUST. Now that would’ve been a really lousy title.

    9. Mizzy: Thank you!

    Please feel free to email me (RL@raymondluczak.com) privately with any questions you may have about the book. I appreciate your interest.

    Thanks again.


    Raymond Luczak

  8. 6. Eric … one *more* thing! I forgot to mention the poetical works of R. N. Taber, a deaf oralist man who lives in London. Even though he’s written a few books of poetry, he hasn’t written in depth about his experiences as a deaf gay man; to my understanding, he doesn’t really know British Sign Language (BSL). I’m very pleased that he did so with his story “Growing Up Deaf and Gay in 1960s Britain” for EOD2.

  9. Raymond, I thought of submitting some of my writing to your book but didn’t because you did not offer any compensation. It didn’t seem right for me that you’d receive all the profits. I have since learned that this also prevented many others from making a submission. Most notably, Ridor, who writes about this on his blog.

    This was actually a topic of conversation over the weekend among my friends and I. I was wondering how you justify this and if you actually thought it was appropriate for your boyfriend to pressure advertisers to boycott Ridor’s blog because he spoke out about it. I’m interested in hearing what you have to say about this.

    For the record, I believe you have an obligation to monetarily compensate people who write for your books. No if, buts or maybes. It’s just plain wrong for you not to. I also believe it was dead wrong for your boyfriend (a hearing person) to try and boycott Ridor’s blog. Shame on you both for this. While I don’t always agree with everything Ridor writes, I value free speech and the right for his blog and comments to exist.

  10. “Over 85”. Does that mean it’s 86? (LOL) Why not just say the exact number?

    I noticed only 2 or 3 blacks on the cover. I hope there is more than than that inside the book.

    If it is a hardback book, twenty dollars is fine. But if it’s paperback, I agree with others that say twenty dollars is a bit much. Should be priced more like fifteen dollars. It will sell better. Otherwise, I bet many won’t buy, other than those who are in the book. Just my two cents.

  11. Marcus:

    I understand your point about wanting to compensate the writers in the book, but the reality is that *VERY* few anthologies pay their writers simply because many anthologies do not break even for the publishers, which is why so many of them don’t publish them very often *unless* famous writers are involved. (Kinda like Hollywood, where movies featuring big stars get more attention than small independent films with no-name stars.) This is a major reason why I had such a hard time getting EYES OF DESIRE 2 accepted by hearing publishers, even by hearing GLBT small presses. I’ve appeared in nine anthologies (the tenth will appear this spring), and I was paid for only *two* of them! In all cases, I was provided with at least one free copy of the book. Why did I agree to appear in these books for no pay? Because I needed to build up my list of publishing credits and establish a writing career so that when I approach an editor or an agent, they can take me more seriously when they see where I’ve been published. It’s not easy getting your work published in the first place *because* so many writers want to get published. In this case, I wanted to give other Deaf GLBT writers the opportunity to share their stories.

    What most people don’t realize is that many people do not buy books like they used to. (How many of your friends *actually* buy books? And read them? Not very many, I’m sure, compared to those who buy DVDs.) It is *very* hard to sell a book unless you have a strong distributor, a well-connected publicist, a nice advertising budget, and a great deal with the printing plant behind you. Most deaf books–other than sign language instruction manuals, presumably–do not always make money; this is why hearing publishers don’t care much for deafness-related books. If deaf books truly made money, hearing publishers would be cranking more deaf books!

    Also, what makes the whole situation even more difficult for the small press publisher is the fact that the number of book review editors has gone way, way, way DOWN in the last five years or so. Not many newspapers or magazines have book review editors now. Promoting the book online isn’t enough, so it’s extremely tough. I’m not asking for pity here, but I’d like you to understand that not every one of the 50,000 books–whether by a New York publisher or an independent small press–published yearly in America sells and makes it to the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller lists. I think it’s pretty clear by now that if anyone wanted to make a major profit, publishing isn’t the most reliable way to go about it. The odds are really against you, and how! That’s why I’d hesitated for a very long time about setting up Handtype Press in the first place. I am using my own savings for this book. Will I at least break even? I sure hope so, because I’ve spent almost three full years working on this book for no pay. Editing an anthology, let alone set up a small press, is *very* time-consuming, but I guess you don’t realize that. Dragonsani Renteria ran a Deaf GLBT magazine called CTN MAGAZINE fourteen years ago, but Drago found that it had gotten way too expensive. Not enough people were subscribing to it, or maybe there weren’t enough advertisers; I don’t remember the exact details anymore. In any case, I’m sure it was very hard for him to give that up because he knew how important media awareness about the Deaf GLBT community was back then–and still is! (Drago, if you’re reading this, please feel free to correct me if I’m mistaken about why CTN MAGAZINE went under. You can also chime in with your thoughts on Deaf GLBT publishing!)

    Now: If the book wins any monetary awards, I would naturally divide such monies among its contributors. That makes perfect sense. Until then I am trying to break even. Publishing *is* expensive.

    It’s fine if you disagree with what I’m doing. But you should understand that if no one buys EYES OF DESIRE 2 or any other book about the Deaf GLBT community, no publisher–myself included–would be interested in doing *another* anthology about Deaf GLBT folks. Most small press publishers are not made of money. They won’t publish books if they feel it won’t make money, so if they see that EYES OF DESIRE 2 didn’t at least break even, future hearing GLBT-friendly publishers would not be as interested in publishing any other book on the Deaf GLBT community by other writers. Where does that leave *YOU* if you wanted to share a story about your Deaf GLBT life in print? I hope you will be more supportive of efforts to help spread awareness of the Deaf GLBT community “out there” in the world, because that’s what I’m trying to do. I believe Drago is doing the same thing with his deafqueer.org web site, the FLASH emailings, and his workshops on the Deaf transgender experience. I believe that we all need to support each other because if we don’t, who will support us in the end? I don’t necessarily agree with some of the opinions expressed by the writers in the book, but that’s okay. They need our support as much as we need theirs.

    As for my boyfriend going after Ridor’s advertisers, I had nothing to do with it. It was all his doing. I was quite surprised when he did that. I didn’t tell him to do *anything* about that. I’ve chosen to stay out of the way because that’s between Ridor and him.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Raymond Luczak

  12. Black Panther:

    There are *exactly* 89 writers in the book. It sounds better to say “Over 85” instead of just “89.” Maybe you’ll disagree, but it does sound better in print.

    As for your comments about the book’s pricing, please look at the prices for these Deaf books:


    A few are already $29.95 and above. It seems like $20 for a 400-page book is typical, if not downright cheap. It’s 2007 now, not 1993. Books are unfortunately more expensive now.

    As for the number of people of color on the cover, there are a few more in the book. In spite of the vast increase in diversity for EYES OF DESIRE 2, especially compared to the first collection, I am still disappointed that I couldn’t find more to share their stories. I wanted more than *just* black people; I was able to find other people of color for the book, so it’s a start.

    Thank you for asking!


    Raymond Luczak

  13. Marcus said

    > I was wondering … if you actually thought it was appropriate for your boyfriend to pressure advertisers to boycott Ridor’s blog because he spoke out about it.

    Not sure where you got *that* idea?? I was pressuring Ridor’s advertisers because he was dredging up stupid remarks about Raymond (nothing to do with the content of the book or who was getting paid).

    That being said, I have no intention of continuing this discussion. It’s between you & Raymond.

  14. Raymond that’s fabulous that you’re planning to sell the book at the Gallaudet bookstore. I’m going to encourage my straight friends to buy it. I hope you break even on the book. Good luck!

  15. Here is what Ridor wrote on his blog. See for yourself if you think it is worth boycotting by Raymond’s boyfriend….

    “About Eyes of Desire 2: I got few emails asking me why I did not contribute anything to Raymond Luczak’s Eyes of Desire 2. The bottom line is that Luczak is making money off from the book on the premise of many contributors.

    Luczak is merely looking for others to contribute the stories so that he can make money off from it for himself. If I write a story, I want some profits, right? Luczak expected us to give him stories for free so that he can edit and make money off from it.

    Ain’t interested in this, folks. That’s why I did not contribute. One day, there will be a book — no, make it several books, about the one and only Ridor!”

  16. And this one….

    “What Of Lou Miranda? Pay attention. Raymond Luczak’s boyfriend, Lou Miranda, is on a personal crusade to attack me by emailing all advertisers on my blogsite that he will not “patronize” any businesses that advertises on my blogsite. Why? Because he thinks what I did was garbage when I wrote that I would not contribute an article to Raymond Luczak’s books.

    That is my decision. What I think of Luczak’s books are normal. Some people liked his books, some do not. You cannot expect everyone to like your books all the time! Lou is upset that I did not find his boyfriend’s books entertaining. In fact, his books are good to substitute as lethal injections for condemned people, really!

    Readers, if you enjoy my blog, be sure to let the advertisers know by contacting them and buying their stuff. Oh, by the way, Lou Miranda is hearie boyfriend of Raymond Luczak on a personal vendetta against me just because I don’t find Luczak’s books entertaining. Lou is simply upset that I won’t contribute an article to his boyfriend’s books to a point where he is attempting to silence me. Like Chris Kaftan and Mike McConnell did in the past? Did it works? Nah.

    How pitiful.”

  17. Ridor has freedom of speech to say whatever he wants. I love him for his balls to speak up. I have heard others complain about all money going to Raymond Luczaks’ pockets for their writings. Ridor felt the same and pointed it out on his blog. I understand better now from reading here about costs and time involved. However, I do feel strongly it was very wrong of Raymond’s **HEARING** boyfriend to try to boycott Ridor’s blog simply for above comments that Ridor made. The comments are not a big deal. Raymond’s boyfriend broke Deaf Culture rules and crossed the line. I’m very angry about this.

  18. JK,

    It was not those postings that I was referring to. Read the *comments* Ridor left. They’re so immature, I’m not going to bother quoting them.

    If I’m so anti-Deaf, why am I learning ASL? Why do I have a Deaf boyfriend? Why do I participate on Deaf blogs and sites like deafqueer.org? Why do I have my own blog about Deaf issues? Why do I participate in MNRAD? Why do I subscribe to DeafLife magazine? Why am I reading “Eyes of Desire 2”? Why am I reading “Deaf in America”? Why am I reading “For Hearing People Only”?

    No, let’s turn it around. It is Ridor who is anti-hearie. It is Ridor who has a personal vendetta against me, and is using his shills to post FUD (fear, uncertaintly, and doubt) posts on this blog.

    Actually, Ridor is anti-anybody-who-doesn’t-agree-with-everything-he-says.

    Let’s turn all these questions to Raymond around to Ridor:

    1. Ridor had a guest “columnist” yesterday (“Dr. Roehm” or some such thing). Ridor makes money off his blog. How much did Ridor pay “Dr. Roehm”? Is that fair?

    2. Ridor has links to other blogs on his page. How many are from persons of color? How many are from lesbians/women? Bisexuals? Transgender?

    3. Ridor had a nice long post yesterday about this nice white American boy. How many posts does he dedicate to persons of color? Lesbians? Transsexuals? Bisexuals? People outside the United States?

    4. How much does Ridor donate his profits to the GLBT community?

    Now tell me who is more supportive of the diversity of the GLBT community? Raymond or Ridor?

    Think about it.

  19. Raymond’s Boyfriend…..

    I’m a lurker that has been following this ‘discussion’ on Ricky’s web blogg and here. Some of the things you wrote rubbed me the wrong way. So much that I’m gonna chime in……

    Your comments show that you lack respect for deaf culture values and deaf people. You are an outsider in our community. Just because you are reading deaf culture books and dating a deaf man and yadda yadda yadda doesn’t mean you are automatically part of the deaf community. You are delusional if you think so.

    Launching a boycott against Ricky or any other deaf person is not your place. You are a hearie. We have enough oppression from hearies. I don’t think the advertisers care anyway if they lose your business. You are not deaf and are not their target market. Still, it’s not your place.

    I don’t think you see how flawed your argument is.It’s like saying that you are not racist because you have a black or asian or hispanic friend or boyfriend. You are showing just how ignorant, not to mention arrogant, you are.

    Raymond….. if I were you, I’d put a leash on your boyfriend before he embarrasses you further.

  20. Tim/Miami,

    Your comments are quite bigoted. I am not launching a boycott against Ridor because he’s Deaf–I am doing it because he use back handed techniques to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with him.
    By your logic I should say you can’t attack me because you’re not hearing–how absurd is that?!!

    I have not said i am part of the Deaf community. I have said that i am not an anti-Deaf hearie.

    Get your facts straight.

  21. Hello:

    I had hoped that we could have a civil discussion on this forum, but apparently this doesn’t seem to be the case.

    It seems that no matter what I say here, I will get attacked. This hurts because I’ve worked so hard on this book for almost three years.

    Seeing such attacks from within the Deaf GLBT community makes me realize again why the Deaf GLBT community hasn’t made enough progress in the hearing world. We’re too busy fighting each other with namecalling and fingerpointing that we don’t have enough energy left to support each other.

    It’s a real shame because the Deaf GLBT community has a *lot* to offer the world. What we’ve learned is invaluable. But if we continue to fight, well, the hearing world won’t be able to “hear” us. And you’re complaining that the hearing world oppresses us? It seems that we are our own worst oppressors.

    To those who’ve bought and/or read the book and/or supported what I’ve been trying to do, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It means a lot to me. Thank you again.


    Raymond Luczak

  22. Wow, drama… well I hope that all of this can be resolved, I’m not going to comment on that however I have a question:

    I have read your first book “Eyes of Desire” and I thuroughly enjoyed it and am excited to see that there is a second coming out (no pun intended, well maybe a little). I will definitely purchase the second. I was wondering though, if there will be a film like this perhaps with the writers and contributors from the book? We need more ASL films out there and this is one subject I would love to have a formal film about, also I would love to see some of the stories I read in the first book represented by the contributor in ASL, I think it would reach a whole different audience and have a more profound impact as well. Who can we contact to get a film made about that is similar to or based on this book?

  23. Raymond, you’re entitled to your opinion. I am entitled to mine, right? But your little boyfriend is oppressing my opinion. And your silence indicates that you encourage him to attack me outright.

    I was delighted to see such a civil discussion from GLBT community in questioning YOUR antics, Raymond. And for your boyfriend to attack me with your blessing is quite amusing and insulting.

    This is my first time in responding on this thread — mind this, Lou, I have no idea who JK or others are but I applaud them for standing up for what s right.

    You are just a hearie who just learned things about Deaf Culture — but one day, when you’re dumped or dump Raymond, you’ll abandon Deaf Community — but guess what? WE are still stuck with Raymond’s antics. You don’t. So don’t go around preach your words upon us all. You disgust me with your latest entries.


  24. To answer your petty questions, Lou —

    1. Regarding the Guest Columnist: A good friend of mine submitted the article to me out of blue and ASKED me to publish it. I did not ask him to contribute. He did it himself. Not only that, there are several times that he asked me to borrow him $ which I did. He hadn’t returned the money nor do I want it to.

    2. Many, many. You do your homework. I have tons of links to women — I have few persons of colors. I even had guests who are African-Americans. My blog is very accessible not only to GLBT but to everyone else in particular through Deaf Communities in Canada, USA and Europe!

    3. I did many interviews with different people. Do your homework. I interviewed NAD President, Jason Lamberton (straight white guy), Darren Hause, Michael Lucas (gay porn star), Candace Jones (black woman), Jeanine WEisblatt (white married woman), Jason Wittig (deaf gay man), Deaf Republican Youth, Chuck Smith (deaf gay man who was selected as one of Top 10 Metro Weekly finalists in DC) and many, many more.

    4. I contribute enough when I can. RidorLIVE.com is a labor of love. I dont make a lot of $, though. But I will attend 2 major lecture sessions in 2008 with GLBT Community. I volunteer working with 2007 Winter Deaflympics. And I intend to volunteer for 2009 Summer Deaflympics in Taipei, Taiwan. As for RAD? Nah, I cannot contribute a cent nor my time/energy because they are corrupted.

    I’m in process of helping DGMO set up in Bay Area, California which will be announced shortly.

    I think I did my part. And you still whine?

    What about you, Lou?

  25. Mary:

    You aren’t the only one who’s approached me with the idea of making a Deaf GLBT documentary based on either book, but the main problem is money, and more importantly, time.

    When I did the first book, I did shoot some of the interviews on a Hi8 video camera which I later translated from ASL into English. Many of them wanted to use pseudonyms, so obviously the footage of these people could not be used. And what’s more, I did not ask them to sign a release form so they could appear in such a film.

    For the second book, it was the same thing. While I still have the footage, I do not have the legal permission to show the footage to anyone. I just do not have the time to shoot and edit a full-length documentary all over again. I’ve made two already, and those two took up a *lot* of my time. I’ve decided to scale back on my projects.

    While it is possible to have different performers do the stories from either book as part of a film, you would need to secure legal permission directly from the individual writers to do that, not me. They own the copyright to their own work.

    Thank you for your interest in EYES OF DESIRE 2!


    Raymond Luczak

  26. Ridor – What is DGMO in Bay Area?

    Sage – Each community do have drama queen. Look at those Straight Soap Opera shows!! ;0)

    Remember everyone’s entitled to their own opinions whether it’s intelligent or stupid ones. This is freedom of speech. We get plenty of mud-slinging during polictical American elections to keep us amused.

  27. If Ridor is organizing or helping I’m sure it will be a huge flop. Didn’t he recently brag that he could get over 1000 ppl to attend RAD if he was organizing it? Well here’s his chance to prove it with DGMO! I’m laughing my ass off. 1000? Bet it will be well under 100 which will prove Ridor has zero clout. He just thinks he does and we all humor him. Roflmao!

  28. Ridor Who? FYI, DGMO will not host over 1K. I agreed with one individual whom wanted to limit it to 180 or 150 for its first time session. Why limit? Because DGMO is ‘work in progress’ and we want to make sure that it does not pattern after RAD’s fuck-ups.

    ON A SEPARATE NOTE IF YOU CANT READ ME CLEARLY: If I was given an opportunity to host and run the RAD Conference, you can bet that I will be able to attract over 1K.

    It is something that you could not handle — I’d make it successful and it’d make you look bad.


  29. oh ridor, throw away your bitterness and petty one!

    You will talk about deafhood WHEN it suits you. We are very sorry you have a very bitter taste in your mouth because you didn’t bother to contribute something to Raymond’s book yet you talk about your volunteering efforts. Did you charge deaf people when you campaigned cinemas to show captions? Did you get money from the NAD when you write about NAD etc?

    Raymond worked very hard, often for almost no money. What I find him crazy is that hes willing to do a lot of things for almost nothing just to make our community strong.

    Get away with your bitterness, focus on people who try and destroy us. Raymond is NOT one of the people who are to destroy us so why get bitter, personal and petty? Get away with it!

  30. Ridor you gave me a big belly laugh. You are so funny. Really. If you hosted a RAD conference, you’d be lucky to get 10 people to show up. Most people hate your guts. You should know that by now. It would no doubt be the biggest RAD flop ever.

  31. Just ignore Ridor. He is nothing but a troublemaker and attention seeker. He lacks credibility and only the unenlightened take him seriously.

  32. My friend did write a story in the book. I asked her why she do it for no pay and she said she didn’t realize she should get paid. She is not a professional writer and thought only who are professionals should get paid. That is why she didn’t mind do it for free. Now she wonders if she should have asked for money for her story. I agree with those who said yes, all should be paid.

    I have not seen book yet but my friend said most of stories are very boring. Oh well.

  33. Thank you for responding to my comments, Raymond. I’m glad to see there are other books. I’m going to try and find them at the library.

    You also made some good points about the costs involved. I think most of us don’t really understand what goes into getting books published.

    Do not worry about Ridor. Just ignore him.

  34. I was catching up on Emails and just opened FLASH. I read the announcement about the book and clicked link which brought me here.

    I want to say congratulations on finally printing the book!!! I will be ordering it soon. I’m excited!!!

    I have the first book and now I will have book #2. Hope there will be a future book #3.

    Keep it up!

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