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  1. I do not understand why this person is so angry? I never heard of him before. I guess I do not read the weblogs much. Not my thing.

  2. You’re better off not knowing who he is, Rosie. He’s a total jerk. His blog is so full of b.s. He’s a major drama queen who gets off on stirring up trouble where none existed. Almost everyone hates him, gays and straights alike. I don’t understand why DQRC chose to glorify him by mentioning this article on flash and here on their blog. Ridor is like a big, ugly pimple on our community’s butt. It’s so gross that none of us want to pop it and be rid of it already.

  3. I also never heard of him until I saw this mentioned in FLASH news. The article says his blog is RidorLIVE.com but when I went there it is blank. Did he take down his blog?

    I don’t agree with the author who said “hearie” is a negative term. Some of us use it positively. It can be used as a term of endearment the same way “deafie” is used.

    Overall, it was a very well written, interesting article.

  4. My only gripe about this news story is that people may think Gay Deaf people are all fat, ugly and bitter like Ridor.

  5. I’ve always wondered what makes Ridor tick. This story fails to really explain why he’s so angry and always acting up. It’s like the World vs. Ricky Taylor. The writer seems to think it’s just hearing people he’s against. But everyone is fair game with Ridor, especially other deaf. I can’t help wondering if he was abused as a child or did not get enough attention which is why he behaves how he does. Whatever his experience, he clearly needs some serious therapy.

    Like many, I’m really embarrassed that he’s gay. I wish he were straight. I hope that people reading the story have enough sense to know that we are not all like him.

    In the story he says that he was ‘too gay’ to sleep in the tents during the Gally protest… What the hell does that mean? #&#^@* Too gay???! A lot of gay students and alumni slept in the tents during the protest as well as got arrested for civil disobidence. It wasn’t that Ridor was ‘too gay’ but rather, he wasn’t gay enough. He’s one big, fat coward.

  6. Ricky/Ridor isn’t fat anymore! he lost some weight and look damn good!!! ya’all just jealous.

    He speak his mind when nobody do!!!! He do piss off some ppl but truth do hurt. ya’all need get your heads out of your butts and wake up…….. he’s a good man.

    I’m proud to be gay just like him! We don’t hide ourselves like some ppl do.

    Way to go, R and keep truth coming out !

  7. I never heard of this person so I asked around. My friends say he is very anti-gay and hates RAD. Fairie Dust is probably right. LOL.

  8. Ridor is anti-gay???? LOL he’s sooooooo gay!!!!!!!!!!! he’s like drama queen 100% without drag

    helllll he don’t like rad cuz of some ppl on rad of what happen before. don’t blame him for that.

  9. The title shouldve been “Most Hated Man in the Deaf Community.”

    Richard Taylor’s blog is nothing more than trash. He often makes up “facts” and pits people against each other for sheer entertainment value. He is sick and twisted.

  10. It is true that Ridor does go too far sometimes, but I don’t think he is the evil person some make him out to be. And NO, he is not anti gay. That’s just plain silly. Anyone who thinks that hasn’t read his blog.

  11. This web page section should be _REMOVED_! Ricky Taylor is an embarrassment to all Deaf Gays & Lesbians. He is white trash that writes nothing but the same. Even the National Enquirer has more credibility.

    The less people that know about him the better.

  12. Hahahaha — such a misguided fools out there. It implied one thing: I’ve arrived.

    Amy and I had a conversation — she said that angry and passion has similar meaning — which one is the best word to use on the cover issue? Of course, “angry” is the word.

    And I’m not gay? Not the first time I’ve heard of this.

    I’m not anti-RAD. I’m against the individuals who ripped the RAD apart for their power trips.

    If my blog is not what you claimed it to be, why was it nominated as one of the world’s best weblog on http://www.thebobs.com?!

    What you wrote so far reflects the finest artworks of crab theory.

    Good job. And you wonder why you guys will never manage to make RAD successful.

    Sometimes i wish I was lesbian because they are god-damned focused and progressive in planning and executing the great events like Deaf Lesbian Festival.

    Oh, by the way, I lost 96 lbs so far. And what about you? Nada. Probably gain an inch or two for your waist size.

    Kiss my ass, fools.


  13. Oh, come on, guys.. Whether RidorLIVE have the facts or not, he was able to get the ball rolling for more than several organizations. Without him, who else would have made an impact and increased awareness among Deaf and Hearing people?! I respect people who ask questions two or three times before jumping into conclusions. However, I do not respect mindless sheep who immediately believe and follow the first thing that comes out of the leaders’ mouths/hands!

    Please give him some credit for that!

  14. One more thing … Rosie: Check RidorLIVE.com and you’ll feel good about yourself.

    Mensa Man, you’re pitiful.

    Mizzy, love you!

    BP: You’re pathetic creature.

    BM: My real name is Ricky, not Richard. Get that through your skull.

    Marcus: Thank you! It is great country, is it? To disagree, right?



  15. What the hell are you talking about Deaf258?

    Are you on crack?

    Richard Taylor is basically the ‘school bully’.

  16. Ridor ALWAYS speak his mind no matter what! that why everyone love his sassy personality.

    For those who give Ridor bad name prolly is JEALOUS of his success in short time on internet.

    I agree about some people on RAD not doing their job. Hope new board will clean up the old messes. Who know Ridor have something up in his mind to clean up RAD?

    wow 96 pounds? how do you do that? keep up good work.

    as for 10 3/4 … it sound like your dick size or you’re just plainly a big dickhead? LOL! or 10 3/4 inches fatter than ridor! heehee


  17. 103/4: You’re stupid — Deaf258 nailed it and you could not decipher — you need to get special ed class to understand this. And your class is dismissed.

    JK & RS: You rock! Thanks for your support. Someone has to stand up for us all!


  18. Ridor is an idiot. We all know that. Too bad the author didn’t. I agree with the person who said the title should’ve been “Most Hated Man in the Deaf Community.” He is. He burns bridges left and right.

  19. My biggest problem with Ridor is that most of what he writes is pure crap. He also often doesn’t publicly acknowledge when he’s written something that is false or incorrect, which happens alot. I take what he writes with a grain of salt. It has no substance nor credibility.

  20. That’s the right address for Ridor’s stupid blog. I just checked and it’s down. Maybe his ISP got smart and shut down the blog. Or maybe he finally got sued. It’s a matter of time.

  21. Yes, Sally, you have the right URL. Ridor’s site is down. That’s why you can’t pull it up. Most likely his webhost company is having problems and that’s why it’s down.

  22. ridor’s server not that really good keep crashing. he need change to new server!! it get so many hits thats why server crash. it’ll be back on anyway.

    he’s one popular guy! both loved and hated!!!

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  24. Ridor was born a bully. He simply is machine-gunning everyone until all of his demands are met. Yes, he burned bridge left and right at all times. What he needs is an anger managment seminar where he would learn how to control his anger. All of his comments are nothing more than bs. He is whining constantly because he thinks he is above us, just ignore him and treat him like dead. Period

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