23 thoughts on “Deaf Gay Men Arrested in Moscow”

  1. That’s sad they already screwed up their life.

    It’s amazing that some countries still use the word “mute” in today’s society with all those improvements in deaf education and quality of life.

    Wonder what’s life is like for Deaf Queer in Russia???

  2. That reflect economic hardships for many deaf people in the current Russia under Putin. How sad!

    Any clients ought to pay their service providers, not playing games with anyone. Why those clients request for the kind of service in the first place and refuse to pay for someone’s expertise and time.

    I hope that the arrested male prostitutes will be given some chances to improve their lives, instead of spending senseless time in the penal system.


  3. Prositution is the oldest profession. Every country has it in the world. It makes no sense to criminalize it.

  4. Those men probably trying to make a buck because they see no quality of life for deaf gay men? The economy situation in Russia is very depressing enough for illegal activities to flourish. Such waste of life!

    Hope court will order to rehabilate them instead of jailing for first offense.

  5. Dave said that Russian men are so unattractive… who knows he won’t mind rating unattractive RICH russian man!!!

    Btw, there’s some ugly americans…..

    physical apperance not matter just what in heart!!!

  6. Judge Judy said “Beauty fades, BUT DUMB IS FOREVER.”

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I agree that appearance don’t really matter except in a beauty pageant! =o)

    Hope those men get a chance to rehabilate themselves and do some good for the community in return.

  7. In U.S.A. women earn less than men. I wonder about sex workers. Do male prostitutes earn more than female ones? Wonder how pay compares between U.S.A. and Russia. I know it is a silly question but just got me wondering. Anyone have the asnwer? 🙂

  8. Hey all, I have been to Russia a few time, the quality of life in Russia is starting to blooming, (a bit better than the Americans, sorry to offend you Americans Deafies). I have social with the Russian Gay and they know how to party and have fun which make my holiday a worth awhile!! Get the fact before you guy shooting your mouth off wheer you don’t have the knowledge! ” Have a nice day”

  9. Life conditions of the deaf citizens were better off in Soviet times due to generosity from the government even if it wasn’t all at its best, however. They were provided jobs and basic needs. After the collapse of the governing system, the deaf citizens were thrown off their “secure” way of living with severely emotional and psychological impact. They had to fend for themselves in one way or another. Deaf male and even female prostitutes are an excellent example of the life that their government has stopped subsidizing them. If we as deaf were living there, would we end up selling our bodies just to make ends meet, who knows? I will keep thinking of them with hope that they will have found a good life ahead, eventually. I can be wrong. Someone said that the condition of living among the deaf is getting better now and I hope that he or she is right.

  10. I am pretty behind the news from 3 Deaf Gay Russians on Dec. 1st after the news issued on Oct. 24th. I am sad to hear that. I sympathy on them. I wish the court will consider to order them to go and get a rehabilition instead of jail.

    In my experience,From Frankurt, Germany I met 2 deaf Germans before they robbed me and took my money around 400 DM. I finally hold him while other guy flee away. We fought until 3 few young men help me to stop and hold him until they call the police for me. We went to the police station when we arrived in there after they called the gestuno interpreter to come and meet us in the office.

    I made an interview with police officer and interpreter about happen. They asked me to go and print my fingers on the small document if my DM notebanks belong me. They find other guy and nabbed guy if they printed their hands on the DM notebanks.

    Then, police officer handed over my US Passport to me and asked other police officers drive me back to my hostel at 3 A.M. I slept in my bunk bed least 4 hours until 8 A.M.

    I want to check out of the hostel and took a train for the airport before I asked the airline counter to give me a ticket for back to my home in United States. I was here in Frankurt for 2 days so I got a robbery! I should stay in there for few days. :(.. Frankfurt Police Department did not mail the refund to me. What a sad!

    I never forget that. I earned my first experience with the robbery. Next time, I will not meet the deaf strangers in Europe, South America and Asia when I will be more cautious and resist their crazy behavior. Watch out! :)..

  11. Additionally, I am telling you about my previous trip to Frankfurt, Germany. I think I visited in there about Oct. ’99.

    Anyway, I want to emphasize you all aware of the caution information. IF you will plan to go and visit in Russia, please check and read the US Department of State following the Moscow US Embassy about important caution information on the website for American Tourists.

    I would like to share with you all. I used to live in Dallas, TX while I attended to my Church. I listened to my hearing pastor about their experiences. They visited in Russia after he got an advice from our church’s banker. Most Russian Mafias own all banks in there but, pastor hide our church’s cash in his secret coat and went to Russia.

    They help to give some cash to few deaf missionaries and needs.

    Other issue, I learned about pretty dangerous situation in Moscow and St. Peterburg. Most gay scenes were not allowed to public, anti-gay attackers will come to attack gay tourists in there. I got an email from gay hearing guy from Moscow around 2002. IT IS TRUE! Own your risk in there!

    I will not go to Russia by myself on first time because it is very dangerous for me! But, IF my Gay American Group and I will protect ourselves against deaf and hearing anti-gay attackers. Think! Good luck!

  12. wish all America gay and lesbian people to moved out of country to Russia!!!..so us america feel peaceful!!

  13. Why do you feel at peace when all U.S. gays and lesbians move to Russia? If they didn’t bother you a bit, who is hurting? What if I wish all U.S. straights move to Russia so I could feel at peace, how would you feel? Don’t be selfish about the sexuality of one another. Thank about it.

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