RAD 2009 to take place in Chicago

Vicki Kirkpatrick, RAD 2009 Co-Chair
(video length: 01:46)

The next Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf conference is being hosted by the Windy City Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (WCRAD) and is scheduled to take place June 30 – July 4, 2009 in Chicago Illinois. The planning committee is hoping to attract 1,000 participants.

This is definitely one RAD conference you won’t want to miss!

For more information, visit http://www.wcrad.org/rad2009.htm

You can also view this video on YouTube.

19 thoughts on “RAD 2009 to take place in Chicago”

  1. WCRAD people seem to be nice people. I’m clueless why they decided to afflilate themselves with RAD. Chapter after Chapter goes bankrupt after bending backwards for RAD’s conferences. And still, the Chapters don’t learn anything. I don’t get it at all.

    They should do a conference on their own without RAD.

  2. The best one ever was Seattle one in 2001. The ones before and after Seattle were very dull. I hope they -Chicago- are creative like Seattle people.

    In case they do not have ideas, here are suggestions….

    1. Do deaf gay art show

    2. Do deaf gay film festival

    3. Do dating game show

    4. Do “who is handsome hunk?” contest or wet underwear and wet bra for deaf lesbians contest.

    5. Kill pagenet shows. They are soooo dull and stupid. Instead have deaf gay GO GO dancers during banquet for more excitment and entertainment. Even better, why not add strippers?

    6. Give free t shirts and better sourvinours. Not lamo ones, please!

    7. Better raffle gifts. Why not a computer or car?

    8. Give stickers when register that say “I’m available”, “I’m not available”, etc. for fun and help those who are looking for dates.

    9. Add Ice Breaker party to help who are new get to know each other.

    10. Get rid of leather contest during RAD. S&M and leather are sick. Should not be part of RAD. It bothers many people. Keep it separate. Let them do somewhere else another time.

    11. Add rainbow candles, massage oil and condoms to registration bag 🙂

  3. Ben, I agreed. The past is the best evidence. You only have to look at the chapters going bankrupt after hosting the RAD Conferences.

    Like Seattle, WCRAD officials are optimistic and visible. They already set up the website well ahead from the conference. Check http://www.wcrad.org. If they put the tentative schedule, workshops, events et al in advance. They will attract people.

    They need to add the counter to show how many people bought the combo tickets — like Seattle did, the counter infected you and me to go no matter what. You see the numbers growing to 500.

    WCRAD, please add the counter!

    HCC: 1,000? Why not? If they can do it, I say “Go for it!” Do it for WCRAD and GLBT Community, not for the RAD. RAD is truly corrupted. Let’s focus on WCRAD and GLBT Community.

    10: Who told you you must attend the IDL events? No, you do not have to attend. I think it is a good part of RAD Conference where people can choose to attend or not. You simply don’t have to go if you dont want to see it.

    But I agreed with pageants. Kill it.


  4. Good video. Very clear and informative. Makes me excited about attending. It will be my first time.

    I’m wondering if there will be any specific events or workshops just for womyn?

    I heard that not many lesbians attend RAD. I hope this one will be different and many will go.

  5. Vicki is cute. Is she single? 😉

    It’s true. Not many deaf Lesbians go to R.A.D. events. Even less now that there is D.LF.

  6. Not many lesbians go RAD for many years. Not comfy because too much male drama worse than women cuz men always POWER HUNGRY!!!

    Now lesbians go to DLF more family togetherness and sisterhood!!!

    TIME for RAD board to be run by alllllllllllll women! Teach men how to be like family not fight all time not macho egos.

    I rather go DLF than RAD. I will go if MORE MORE women go RAD wait see.

  7. What about “gay-friendly” hetro allies??? We ought to welcome them, too!! They are vital part of our social and cultural fabric of the deaf GLBT!

    Why not offer workshops on legal rights and parenting skills and support group for deaf GLBT parents having babies and children within the RAD conference?

    International Deaf Leather (IDL) event and RAD conference are usually separate factions. The IDL usually organize their events separately from the RAD conference.

    FYI, many deaf and hearing leather people are basically normal people like everyone. Their sexual desires are just different from the rest of society at large. They are very thoughtful and decent people unlike portrayed in the mainstream media.

    I personally do not engage in leather sex myself. The leather people never impose their beliefs and practices upon anyone else.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

  8. Give WCRAD a chance to showcase theirs.

    It would be great to have variety of workshops.

    I was wondering why many Lesbians are not interested in attending RAD conferences during the previous years. Anybody enlighten me on this issue?

    I think airlines would be expensive because it’s during holiday week (July 4th).

    Good luck, WCRAD. May success come to your way!

  9. To DeafPhoenixSpirit,

    Deaf Lesbians don’t attend because it is so male-centric like DLF Fan said. I also agree with what DLF Fan said that R.A.D. should be run by all womyn! Of course, that will never happen. Lucky for us, there is D.L.F. so we don’t need to waste our time with R.A.D.

  10. To Deaf Queer Community:

    As a new representative of the Deaf Queer Resource Center (DQRC) on RAD Board, I understand concerns about Deaf Lesbians attending RAD 2009 conference in Chicago and making it more “womyn-friendly.” Same goes for anyone else who have different concerns like Queer Youth and Seniors.

    I’m positive that WCRAD, RAD Board & Members-At-Large would be more than happy to hear suggestions from you (deaf lesbians & everyone else affected byRAD) what we can do to improve the conference. Please feel free to email me or the RAD Board. There is now a Deaf Lesbian Representative. For everyone else, there’s representatives for Youth, Seniors and other groups. To contact any of us on RAD Board or Members-At-Large Representatives, check at http://www.rad.org/members2009.htm

    I encourage an OPEN dialogue among the Deaf Queer community to share ideas and feedback via DQRC blogs if you do not want to email us. We can take those mistakes and try our best to make RAD 2009 a positive experience for everyone.

    Thank you to those who made suggestions. Keep ideas and feedback coming. I appreciate your candor. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I would like to give WCRAD a chance.

    Give WCRAD a chance to be a successful host and make it more welcoming for ALL. Let be supportive of WCRAD in their journey toward a successful conference.

    Changes don’t happen overnight. We will continue to listen and strive for unity.

    I leave you with a valuable thought … “When you make a mistake, don’t look back at it long. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.” (Hugh White)


    Nanette Edwards, DQRC Represenative

  11. Nan is right about look at new fresh ideas to improve RAD. Im proud of her stand up say what s on her mind. DQRC is very lucky have her!

  12. I’m not against RAD. Just prefer to be around other wommins. That’s why I prefer DLF too. Just let you know. Please don’t take it wrong way that some prefer DLF to RAD. It is not mean we are against the men.

  13. DFL Fans,

    You need to listen to yourself. You are angry and you need help. If you dont like the way things are with Gays and Lesbians, do something. DONT blame us gays. BLAME yourself and the lesbians. If you want to better and improve the lesbians circles.. Start your own damn organzation! Quit blaming us gays!

  14. Just remind you that ARSD Acadiana Rainbow Society of the Deaf hosted 1999 conference was not in bankrupt. we earned over $10,000 then donate to local AIDS then Hurricane katrina changed everything.

  15. hello to u! how are u doing? iam srinivas from india. yes, iam deaf. i wonder if there will be any discount for international?

  16. We need a GLBT friendly not against each other. Should say ” We are family ” song in 1980s. Would we get back together again like family for RAD. Enough to be blame men and women. we need stronger & friendly again.. I think we need rules to stop against each other and need positive than negative abt blackmail each other. Need to stop it and seal ur lip that we need bulit up for RAD successful for our deaf GLBT friendly here in USA and other countires..Be Happy than Angry than as childish.. Peaceeee ! Hey look @ hearing GLBT they are positive had good times and GLBT business.. Look @ us deaf GLBT how embrassing not have business yet. Come on deaf GLBT and let try out be pleasure for RAD @ this times of 2009 and further future in USA and even MINNESOTA need some help to fix problem for GLBT are running small of number of people.. Help us idea for MNRAD GLBT growth and will join to Chicago. I hope so see my friends from Minnesota @ chicago. Cannot wait my friends out there. They told they will be there I am exciting see them again. Cannot say who and seal my lip.. Actualy I am lesbian for 22 year and now single again as half hispanic and half white, cannot say age sorry find out get there or contact me email . Here my email for new friend …ngamor58@tmail.com

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