51 thoughts on “Deaf Gay Model Joins Reality TV Show Cast”

  1. Hey Ridor…

    At least, Martin is doing somewhat better than you are.

    You’ve been smooching people to make donations to revive ridorlive.com (and I know that some people had already given twice or thrice), and to this date, it’s not even up and running while you continue to come up with convenient excuses or reasons why this or that hasn’t been taking place. What gives? So please do yourself a favor? Please stop mentioning anything that you’d be publishing anything in ridorlive.com because it’s still comatose. And been a L-O-N-G while that it’s probably better off brain dead.

    Don’t bother responding because I don’t usually keep up with blogs or vlogs, but I’ve seen enough of your antics over time that I had to say that when you mentioned an interview in ridorlive.com. Bla bla bla… Your name calling others are pretty much legendary that you’re stooping pathetically as low as those that you call retards. Such a brilliance!

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