Out and Proud: Cathy McLeod

(video length: 13:25 min)

Cathy McLeod shares her coming out story.

About Cathy:  Cathy is an out and proud Deaf Lesbian.  She came out when she was a student at Gallaudet University.  She currently works as a program director and resides in Sherman Oaks, CA.

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4 thoughts on “Out and Proud: Cathy McLeod”

  1. Hey Cathy! I’m so glad u have this vlog. It’s definitely very educational for everyone who are GLBT. I remember our time at gally along with Dennis Raila….we had a bunch of fun fun fun. Well done, Cathy and Thumb up!

  2. Hello again! I forget to mention that, unlike you, I was already come out when I first went to gally in 1975. When I first saw you that year, Dennis and I already knew u were lesbian before u knew yourself, smile. U are great person to be with because everyone at that time love u so so much! Again, Thumb up, Cathy!

  3. Hey Cathy! Love your vlog and it’s very educational for GLBT who have difficult time to come out. I remember u very well during our college year at gally. Though I was already out when I first went to gally in 1975. Me and Dennis knew u were lesbian before u knew yrself, ha ha. Thumb up to yr vlog and way go Cathy!

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