Out and Proud: Emmett Hassen

(video length: 06:35 min)

Emmett Hassen shares his coming out story.

About Emmett:  Emmett is proud to be Deaf and Gay.  He came out when he was a student at CSUN.  He is a graphic/industrial designer.  Originally from Canada, he currently lives in Phoenix, AZ.

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4 thoughts on “Out and Proud: Emmett Hassen”

  1. Your video stands out your couragement and strength! Do I know you from Los Angeles back then when you were unsure of you. We happen to be met then I left to live in Seattle.

  2. Hi Emmett, long time no talk. How r u?
    You have been on my mind for a long time. I have been trying to locate your email address for a while. I was sitting home today (3.7.09) and your name popped into my head, while I was on my computer. I googled and there you were. How exciting to find you, again. I entered my email to post this comment, so I hope to hear from you. Dominic

  3. Hey Emmett,
    I’m sure I have the right person!! Still the same handsome face after 20 years! Your neice, Elise, is a beautiful young woman now. Wish I knew sign language so I could know your story, I’m sure it was difficult!
    Much love, admiration & support,

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