Out and Proud: Ricky Taylor

(length: 05:31 min)

Ricky Taylor, aka Ridor, shares his coming out story.

About Ricky:  Ricky is an out and proud Deaf Gay man.  He comes from a Deaf family and is well known blogger in the Deaf community.  He resides in Richmond, VA.

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2 thoughts on “Out and Proud: Ricky Taylor”

  1. You, RT, BUSTED me at the Green Lantern back in mid-1990s while I had sex with someone hearing college student in the one of infamous sex corners. When you stood in front of me. I said to myself “Sh*t! RT will tell everyone at Gally!” I kept my cool and engaged brief conversation with you. It was pretty hilarious anyway!

    Enuff true about the next day, almost everyone at Gally knew about my sexual preference.

    Thank you very much, RT for outing me. Hard feelings toward you ,Nope!

    I never intentionally lied to anyone about my sexual preference. I felt that was not necessary to inform people about my private life. I kept played the name game like “Yes, I am gay. What’s wrong with me being happy?” You know that the term “gay” back in the old days used to be happy or have a good time.

    Many Gallaudet students misassumed that I was strictly hetro due to my masculine appearance and behavior. Ever handful of deaf gay guys asked me whether I was really gay or not.

    Thanks again for such a hilarious and surreal occurence at the Green Lantern bar!

    Superman?? I used to have the hots for the Green Arrow and Aquaman and Wolverine and Kraven the Hunter from the Spider Man, Captain America and Thor, too. The Man from the S.H.I.E.L.D, too.

    Doctor Strange, too. I had a real weakness for super villians and anyone with interesting features. I also had the hots for the 1970s’ Black Canary character with the fishnet stockings and bosom exposures.

    I never had much for Superman character except the 1978 film with actor Christopher Reeves. I always identifed with Batman and his brooding character, instead of the two good shoes features of Superman and Clark Kent.

    The Green Arrow character was the imperfect character with interesting goatee and shown his big guns (biceps).

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)

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