Noreen and Lisa: Don’t Take Our Marriage Away from Us

(video length: 12 mins)

Deaf Lesbian couple Lisa Marie Wilson and Noreen Yates legally marry in this mini-documentary that was shot in one day on October 29, 2008 in San Francisco. Their recent marriage may be declared invalid if Proposition 8 passes in California on November 4th.

The right for same-sex couples to marry was recently granted in California when the California Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples the right to wed.  Every couple deserves the same rights, responsibilities and privileges of marriage.  Unfortunately, some people want to eliminate this fundamental right and have proposed a California Constitutional amendment to do so.

We urge everyone to vote NO on Proposition 8 on November 4th.   Support love.

> Deaf Parents Support Their Daughter’s Right to Marry

> Maureen Yates Burns Supports Her Sister’s Right to Love

> Vote NO on Proposition 8

56 thoughts on “Noreen and Lisa: Don’t Take Our Marriage Away from Us”

  1. thanks for sharing your wedding with us all. Judy and I had a wonderful “last minute” wedding during our 25th year anniversary of being together in August. It was a very very very special feeling and experience just like I am sure you felt.
    It’s one day after the election. Judy and I were really down all day today, but slowly starting to feel ok. I’m grateful that we have you and others out there to work together fighting against the discrimination and bad misunderstanding of what gay love is really about…..
    Again thanks! And enjoy many years of love, family, and growing old together. Blessings.

  2. Noreen and Lisa,

    Ruth and I wanted to congratulate you two on this special and loving vow you have made for each other. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, paving the way for us Deaf womyn to marry, most importantly, for sharing your love with us all! May the future bring you two such bright avenues, and uh, when are you two starting a family? Hee hee! Our boys would surely look forward to it!

  3. Very inspiring! I’m so sorry that 8 passed. I hope it is overturned. You make a beautiful couple.

  4. Hi Lisa and Noreen…Congrats on your future together..saw the video…Don’t give up…See you around…Moving to Arizona…

  5. I’m a deaf gay from Nanjing, China.
    i met a guy from the USA. his chinese language is very well. he also is gay. i was good to know about him more then i was fall in love him. we did not keep in touch any more. i was sad. but i am fine now.

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