Noreen and Lisa: Don’t Take Our Marriage Away from Us

(video length: 12 mins)

Deaf Lesbian couple Lisa Marie Wilson and Noreen Yates legally marry in this mini-documentary that was shot in one day on October 29, 2008 in San Francisco. Their recent marriage may be declared invalid if Proposition 8 passes in California on November 4th.

The right for same-sex couples to marry was recently granted in California when the California Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to deny same-sex couples the right to wed.  Every couple deserves the same rights, responsibilities and privileges of marriage.  Unfortunately, some people want to eliminate this fundamental right and have proposed a California Constitutional amendment to do so.

We urge everyone to vote NO on Proposition 8 on November 4th.   Support love.

> Deaf Parents Support Their Daughter’s Right to Marry

> Maureen Yates Burns Supports Her Sister’s Right to Love

> Vote NO on Proposition 8

56 thoughts on “Noreen and Lisa: Don’t Take Our Marriage Away from Us”

  1. made me smile so big. i loved how lisa said my nephew wants the ring. when they were married, jarrod hugged lisa and said, now you are my aunt!!

    that hit me right in the heart. tomorrow’s election day will be important for me in many ways and Prop 8 is the number one reason that has me feeling strongly about any election. No one should be denied of love because love is always a “yes”

    so, yes to love 🙂

    good job drago! congratulations to noreen and lisa

  2. Great documentary. Let Noreen and Lisa’s story be an inspiration to us all. I wish I was a Californian so that I’d vote NO to Prop 8.

  3. Wow! this is so beautiful! I got married at the same spot where you were standing on October 3rd of this year. Henry and I have been together for 8 years and from Ohio. We are very happy we did it! I know Danial Girard! I wish we live in CA and could vote NO to Prop 8. Congrats to you both! :o)

  4. According to the CA Atty General your marriage will not be declared invalid, even if Prop 8 passes. Prop 8 only invalidates *new* marriages. You will remain married. In my mind this undercuts the already weak arguments in favor of Prop 8 since Prop 8 undermines the institution of marriage even more confusing. “Some straights are married and some gays are married but only if they were married before some completely arbitrary deadline.” I have already voted no on prop 8.

  5. Debra and I are in 5 years relationship and 6 kids. (5 adopted and 1 gave birth). We want to get married now! We need to settle down first—Our son, JD just had a heart transplant. We just bought a townhouse, gave birth to our daughter. 2007 and 2008 have so much happened ahead of us. We look up to you both, Noreen and Lisa! Having a family is a great deal and having kids keep you BUSY like we do. 🙂
    we look forward to get marry someday–we live in Maryland.

  6. On behalf of queer folks in California and everyone who believes in equality, I offer my sincere thanks to Noreen and Lisa Marie and their family for participating in this video, and to Drago for making it happen!

    What a beautiful way to make a statement in favor of equality!


  7. Congrats to Noreen and Lisa!!!!
    I wish I am a Californian to I could vote NO to prop 8. But I def going to spread it out to everyone who come from CA. Hope it will help. 🙂

  8. This is simply wonderful! I get to see “on scene” of what’s it like to get married!

    Thank you both for sharing your special moments with us, Noreen & Lisa! (and to Dragonsani Renteria for doing this, too!) 🙂

    Vote NO on Prop 8! (for Californian)

  9. beautiful documentary!!
    thank you nora and lisa for opening and sharing with us your love
    thank you drago for putting together this documentary
    tomorrow i shall vote YES to love by voting NO on Prop. 8! 🙂

  10. Lisa and Noreen! Congratulation! The film was beautiful. I was just in awe and of course cried! I am so happy for you Lisa! And will be thinking of you both! Very well done!! Love ya!

  11. Aww. I am so glad that you two thought of documenting your wedding. It provides your family and friends a means to witness it. For ONCE (probably only!) in my life, I wish I was a Californian. I would have loved to stand in the voting booth and voted NO to Prop 8! I know one thing…I definitely will be watching the news on Tuesday, hopefully to see two historic events: the 1st Black President of the USA and the defeat of Prop 8!

  12. This was a great video. I teared up at the end. I’m so glad it was made, and grateful Noreen and Lisa Marie were generous enough to share their day.

  13. tongodeon: Actually, there is no guarantee that those who got married before Nov. 4 will remain so. The whole thing is in limbo. The Attorney General plans to honor the marriages as long as there are no legal complaints. And of course, you can bet the bigots will file a legal complaint asking that those marriages also be invalidated. So nothing is certain except that this will drag on without a doubt in the courts.

  14. Congratulations Nora & Lisa,
    We are grateful that you made this film. We got to witness the beautiful marriage of people we love.

    In additionyou have made a meaningful contribution to the Prop 8 issue.

    Love you always

  15. Beautiful Beautiful!!! Definitely a “NO” to prop 8 from me. I was smiling the entire 12 minutes.

  16. Noreen and Lisa,
    You guys don’t know me but I know of you! 🙂 I am thrilled for you beautiful women, and I truly, truly hope your marriage remains valid!! I will vote tomorrow with you two in mind! You’re both beautiful people and no matter what the outcome of this Prop, nothing can take away your love for each other.
    A straight girl 😉 😉

  17. Let’s hope that Californian people are wise not to vote against the gay marriage. I strongly believe that everyone has the right to marry without other people to decide over the fate. Good luck!

  18. YES TO LOVE INDEED! A beautiful message, a beautiful love, a beautiful life…. Drago you are an inspiration for finding such beauty!


  19. I loved it! It was very moving and touching. And the end made me laugh so hard about the nephew who didn’t want to give the ring. I almost missed that part after the credits part.

    I want to be honest with you. I’m a Christian. My belief is that man and woman should marry. I was taught that homosexuality is just about sex and lust. But after I watched your film, it is obvious that you both really love each other. I wish you the best of luck and God bless you both!

  20. Prop 8 looks tight. But you have been hit and survived in the past Prop 49, 69, and this time you’ll survive prop 8.

  21. BEAUTIFUL!!! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. Congratulations, Noreen and Lisa Marie! 🙂 Tomorrow, I’l say BIG NO! to Prop 8.

    HUGS xo

  22. Beautiful vlog, brought tears to my eyes I wish them the very best of their marriage and I pray Prop 8 will fail.

    Boston, MA
    married to Brian since 6/16/07

  23. AWEsome. This is truly an educational and touching video. Hey, this could reach out more of Deaf Californians if it would be posted on any different networking website, possibly Deaf-Read? or any other blog? I’m suggesting this because obviously not many straight (Deaf or signer) people come to this website, mmm?
    Other than that, O-U-T-standing job to all of you! Thank you all for dedicating to this short documentary video!

    Im seriously getting nervous about tomorrow. Lately, I started seeing so SO SO many signs “Yes to Prop 8” on some crazy spots like on the entrance to (or exit from) a freeway in Los Angeles to Orange county! It truly boils me how people here either are ignorant or heartless when supporting Prop 8.

    *a worried So-CaL chica.

  24. I loved this video so much. There’s a lot of love here that emanates out right through the computer monitor! I will be fighting all tomorrow morning to make sure you stay married and that I can follow in your footsteps one day with my lucky other half (where are you, dude?).

  25. Gosh…I found myself grinning all the way through the video and nearly shed a tear or two…Love is absolutely a natural thing where it shouldn’t be set up conditionally but unconditionally and that’s what you two have. Karen, my g/f, and i never planned to fall in love with each other whereas Love just evolved absolutely naturally between us. Thus how can people want to definite Love from a conditional standpoint?? Well, maybe Yes on 8 supporters can do that but not us as we already know unconditional love. Rock on, you two!

  26. I think it’s very unethical for not allowing two people of the same gender to get married.. That’s totally NUTS! You all Californians VOTE NO! If you’re considering voting yes, why worry?? It doesn’t concern you, just let people be, live out their lives the way they feel like it’s right for them..

  27. Congratulations to a beautiful couple!!! I hope you have many wonderfully fulfilling years together and that you are able to successfully navigate the inevitable speedbumps that occur in a marriage. I also hope that in about 4 years, Nora’s Uncle Tim and I may be able to do something similar! It is definitely something we both hope for and want. For now, we are content to revel in our love, friendship, and respect for each other; do things and make decisions on a daily basis that nurture and protect our relationship; and watch in amazement as our relationship grows more and more special. Tim has been such a blessing and a miracle to me for a year and a half now (as of tomorrow….Yay!!! :-), and I feel so honored to know and love your fine family, Nora…including your parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. And I think God is very happy indeed when two special people, regardless of gender, find each other and by coming together, help each other’s spirits, minds, and bodies thrive, develop, and soar.

  28. An inspired mini documentary showing two couple who are getting married in San Francisco. I wish I am a Californian, so I could vote NO to Prop 8. I pray that Prop 8 to get failed.

    Way to go, Noreen Yates and Lisa Marie Wilson for showing your beautiful vlog to the public!

  29. Congratulations Nora and Lisa on your marriage! It is obvious that you two are deeply in love with each other. Nick and I so wish we lived in California just so we can vote NO on Prop 8. We will be keeping you both and our many friends who are same-sex couples in mind all day today. *crossing fingers*

  30. No to Prop 8! I voted this am, I first voted for Obama then I went straight to Prop 8 and really “pressed” my pen there and marked “NO”!!!!!!!!

    May your marriage be a loving, long and happy one!

    p.s. I couldn’t view the video for some reason- it kept freezing at the part when Nora said we’re getting married! Ah. Hope to see the whole thing.

  31. Way to ROCK Drago for making this great documentary. Congrats to Noreen and Lisa Marie and thank you for allowing us to share in your special day by allowing yourselves to be filmed. Just came back from voting NO on 8 and YES to LOVE!

  32. What a beautiful vlog.

    I am puzzled. What about Grandfather clause? I I would think this law only covers future, not the past. If the Grandfather Clause is excluded, I would have serious doubt on the legalities of this bill. Good luck.

    Here is to your happy marriage, Lisa Marie and Noreen!

  33. That was a heartfelt video… So glad to see this being shared to the community! Congratulations, Lisa and Noreen, and thank you for sharing your special moment with us! Also, great job to Drago– your hard work will definitely paid off!

    YES to Love & NO to Prop 8! 🙂

  34. Noreen and Lisa,

    I love the film! Congratulations on your marriage. You have my FULL support all the way from the east coast. A BIG NO to prop 8!

    Best wishes,
    Lee from Boston, MA

  35. This couldn’t be more beautiful than this! LOVE shall prevail! Thank you Nora and LMW for sharing this with the world. We, the MacAulays, are behind you and the rest of the same sex couples out there for NO on Prop 8!

  36. I cried and cried. So beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment in your lives with us. It breaks my heart to see judgment, hate, and social injustice. BIG NO from me to 8 and BIG YES from me to LOVE!

    bless your hearts…


  37. this really makes me all warm and fuzzy.. u ladies are goregous together!!!!

    and KUDOS for a wonderful documentary – Drago!!

  38. None of my close friends are gay or lesbian so I have not really given much thought about prop 8. There are many many signs in my neighborhood saying Vote YES on 8. I probably would have voted Yes had I not watched this video. It opened my eyes. I can see how much they both love each other. It would not be fair to take that day away from them. I’m voting No when I go to the polls after my work today. I’m with you!

  39. Beautifully! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I sure pray that the Prop 8 FAILED so all of our friends and I can enjoy a future married life with those we loved! Even I don’t live in CA, I had send $$ to the NO to Prop 8 campaign because this will impact all other states as well.

    Congrats, Noreen and Lisa! Best wishes to your new married life!

  40. Lisa and Noreen

    What a beautiful video!!!!! I grinned for the whole time and it truly melted my heart!!!!!! I can see that you have so much to give for each other. Definitely a ‘NO’ to prop 8. 🙂

  41. You both are beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!! Congratulations sweethearts, and all my limbs & fingers are crossed! NO on Prop 8!!!!

  42. Way to go! In fact, my partner and I flew to SF from Virginia last July and got married in the SF City Hall on July 28, 2008 with five witnesses. It was so beautiful and inspiring. Congrats to Noreen and Lisa! NO to Prop H8!

  43. I really enjoyed it! It made me feel like I was there with you. I never met you but I want to say good luck with your marriage. I bet you will outlast many heterosexual married couples. I can see you really love and respect each other. I will be thinking of you when I go to vote soon. NO ON 8! Why discriminate?!

  44. I’m curious if you know how many people have looked at this video since last night? I know I was able to send more than 100 people to you from my blog (which really surprised me because I don’t normally get so much traffic). And I saw in that they sent more than 300 people to see this video. I wonder how many others linked to here from other sources?? And more importantly, how many hearts were changed?

  45. Lisa & Nora —
    Even if this Prop passes, you still have made a huge impact. And that, in turn, *will* lead to some good. Exactly what kind of goodness, I cannot say. Just wait, and we’ll all see (or be enlightened).

    So, my early thanks!

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