Deaf Parents Support Daughter’s Right to Marry

(video length: 2 mins)

Samuel and Patricia Yates share their thoughts on their daughter’s recent same-sex marriage.

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4 thoughts on “Deaf Parents Support Daughter’s Right to Marry”

  1. Anybody who knows them loves them! And because of their love for others and all Deaf people, they are great spokespeople for the rest of us and especially their daughter and new daughter in law. Looking wonderful! Cheers!

  2. it is wonderful that many, including the Yates do feel that marriage and/or partner agreements do not have gender requirements. i know i am very comfortable in the Deaf community, minority groups value togetherness more than those in a majority. i married my life partner with a huge crowd of friends and family in witness, we continue to enjoy support from our communities. thank you to all who feel love is the necessary force that trumps gender traditions of old. we are making progress: it is important that same gender unions are visible, share stories!

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