Wright Appeals to High Court


Daphne Wright is serving life in prison for kidnapping and murder,
but she’s appealing to the state supreme court because she doesn’t
think she got a fair trial

Daphne Wright was convicted for the disappearance and death of
Darlene VanderGiesen in Sioux Falls three years ago. On Wednesday,
the states highest court heard arguments clarifying the main points
behind her appeal. One of the main issues that attorney Traci Smith
pointed out was that Wright was not read her Miranda rights.

“Our argument is that her statements should have been kept out,”
Smith said. “Whether or not it led to a confession is irrelevant.”

But assistant attorney general Meghan N. Dilges told the court that
Wright was not denied her right to counsel when she was questioned by
Sioux Falls police

“The videotape clearly shows that the defendant was voluntary in her
statements,” Dilges said. “And the tape clearly shows her statements
were voluntary.”

Wright’s attorney also argued that she didn’t get a fair trial
because she was denied added interpretation services, but the state
said that Wright clearly understood the court proceedings.

The justices will now meet to discuss the case. When the majority
agrees an opinion, it becomes the decision.

(( Source:  KSFY ActionNews ))

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