Day of Decision Protest

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(Video length: 4 minutes)

Footage from the May 26 Day of Decision march and rally in San Francisco protesting the California Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Proposition 8.

In this video:  Selena Staley, Shasta Shardae, Jennie Batchelder, Jon Kastrup, Ari Lathuras, David Rose, Samira Sam, and Todd Higgins.

Video shot and edited by Drago Renteria.

Photos from the march and rally are also available on the Deaf Community Members in Support of LGBT Equality and Deaf Queers & Allies Facebook group pages.

8 thoughts on “Day of Decision Protest”

  1. Thanks for this peek inside that day right in the heart of San Francisco.
    Inspiring in spite of the defeat.
    Educational and excellent framing lesson for another fight for equality….the basic rights to have a natural, complete access to a language designed for us, Deaf people.
    We are gonna experience more defeats before we will start seeing victories…on both issuses.
    We gotta support each other in both!
    again thanks.

  2. Deaf Queer,

    Great video posting of the Calforina GLBT communty’s reaction to the recent state court decision on the implention of the Prop. 8 intitative.

    That would be real nice if you post the name below individual sign before the camera. It is a necessity for historical purpose. Thanks.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog

  3. Deaf Queer,

    Why my comment get deleted. Nothing offensive or degrading within my comment.

    I really could not believe when you delete my comment without any good reason.


  4. This is a great video! It made me feel like I was there. Thank you so much for doing it. I’m so bummed out about the Court’s decision but like one person said, I still have hope for the future.

  5. I like what the interpreter woman said about us all making a difference together.  I do not live in California but hope that you will be able to repeal that dumb law.  If not, you can always move to Iowa.

  6. RLM,

    Your comment wasn’t deleted. All comments are moderated and are not automatically posted. When people post a comment on this v/blog forum, a message is returned that says “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. As soon as we have a chance, we then approve all legit pending comments. Yours, along with two others, were just posted a few minutes ago.

    Thanks for visiting our news v/blog.


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