From a Chase Community Giving Skeptic

If you checked your Facebook account in December, you couldn’t miss those pesky Chase Community Giving banner ads plastered all over Facebook announcing that Chase was giving away $5 million dollars. The top 100 organizations garnering the most votes would receive $25,000 from Chase. A second round of voting would then take place and 5 of those organizations would be awarded $100,000 with 1 lucky winner receiving a cool $1 million. This would supposedly all take place by Facebook community vote.

Skeptical? You bet I was. Corporate contests are a dime a dozen and with hundreds of thousands of nonprofits joining the contest each day, chances of winning seemed minuscule.

Enter DeafHope. The fierce competition didn’t deter Executive Director Julie Rems-Smario. Along with her dedicated team, she spent countless of hours garnering votes and then personally taking time to thank each person who voted for her organization. Over 2,200 people cast their vote for DeafHope. And did it pay off? You bet it did. DeafHope received enough community votes to make the top 100 finalists list and won $25,000 to further its work. Let me repeat that: Twenty-five-thousand-dollars! All because people took time to vote in this promotion.

Along with DeafHope, three LGBT organizations were among the 100 finalists. They are GLSEN, the Matthew Shepard Foundation and the Trevor Project. These organizations now have the opportunity to win $100,000 or $1 million in addition to the $25,000 they received in the first round of this contest.

If you’re not familiar with any of these organizations, please take a moment to learn about them and the important work they do and SUPPORT them with YOUR VOTE. Voting begins January 15 and ends January 22. You can vote for up to 5 organizations.

Please Support:



Matthew Shepard Foundation:

The Trevor Project:

Encourage your friends to do the same. This is one of those times when your vote *really* can make a difference.

All the best,
Deaf Queer Resource Center

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