Deaf Trans Conference

The Ontario Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (ORAD) and The Trans Program at The 519 Church Street Community Centre are hosting the first-ever Deaf Trans Conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from March 12 to 13, 2010.

This first of its kind conference aims to bring together the Deaf and Trans communities in North America and shed light on both communities.  It will provide an opportunity for individuals and their allies in the Deaf and Trans communities to unite and share common experiences, regardless of language barriers, and to gain a greater understanding of both the Deaf and Trans experience.

Don’t miss panel discussions by medical professionals, workshops by Deaf and Trans individuals, and our special guest presenters: Drago Renteria, Jennifer Mantle, Austin & Eliza Greenwood.

The conference will be presented in both American Sign Language (ASL) and English with ASL-English interpretation.

One thought on “Deaf Trans Conference”

  1. I would love more Deaf involved with Annual Transgender Leadership Summit. Recently in Davis. I believe 2011 will LA. 2 years offer interpreters but low/no deaf register or attend =(

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