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Forensic scientist: Evidence found near victim matches with clothes found at Wright’s home

By Josh Verges

A forensic scientist this morning matched carpet fibers, trash bags and cord found near Darlene VanderGiesen’s body with clothes found at Daphne Wright’s home.

Wright is accused of kidnapping, murdering and dismembering VanderGiesen.

Rex Riis analyzed the evidence at a state crime lab. He also identified black marks on sheets wrapped around VanderGiesen’s body as coal dust. Prosecutors say Wright dismembered VanderGiesen’s body in a small basement room where coal was kept.

Sioux Falls police officer Marc Toft said sheets wrapped around VanderGiesen’s pelvis matched Wright’s pillow cases.

The state this morning also tied an end loosened last week by the defense. A pair of male underwear found on Wright’s property belonged to a 9-year-old boy, a daycare provider said. The underwear was one of several leads the defense said police failed to foll

(( Source:  Argus Leader ))