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Wright Trial: Links To Chainsaw

By Lou Raguse

Investigators never found the chainsaw used to cut up Darlene
VanderGiesen’s body. But today the jury heard evidence suggesting
murder suspect Daphne Wright bought one and used it at her house at
1806 S. Phillips Ave. That’s where prosecutors believe Wright killed VanderGiesen out of jealousy.

Prosecutors believe Wright killed VanderGiesen on Feb. 1 but didn’t
have enough money to dismember her until two days later. Bank records
presented in the trial show that on Feb. 3, after getting her Social
Security check, Daphne Wright withdrew $200. Prosecutors believe
Wright spent the at Ace Hardware.

Denee Daniels says she clearly remembers the morning of February 3rd,
2006. She was working behind the counter of Ace Hardware on 41st St.
and Minnesota Ave.

She says a woman brought a 1.5 horsepower Remington electric chainsaw
to the counter. That woman was heavy-set and African American. And
that woman was deaf.

When police questioned her, Daniels gave that description to police.
When shown a photo lineup, she picked out Daphne Wright, the deaf
woman accused of murdering Darlene VanderGiesen.

Investigators say they were led to Ace Hardware while searching
Wright’s house. Detective Andrea Kelly says she looked in the kitchen
trash can and found a half-full bottle of Ace-brand chainsaw oil.
Investigators then found a crumpled-up receipt in Wright’s trash for
one Remington chainsaw.

Receipts show Wright bought the chainsaw at 9 a.m, then the chainsaw
oil four hours later. Daniels rang up both purchases.

Investigators testified today about what could be chainsaw scuff
marks on Wright’s cement basement floor, covered by a fresh coat of

Although they believe Wright cut apart VanderGiesen’s body,
investigators never found an actual chainsaw at Wright’s house or in
the landfill. But when asked on the witness stand to once again point
out the woman who bought the chainsaw. Denee Daniels pointed out
Daphne Wright.

In cross-examination, the defense pointed out that in Grand Jury
testimony, Daniels thought Wright was wearing a yellow shirt, which
she does not own.

Prosecutors also showed the jury a replica of the chainsaw Wright
supposedly bought. They said coroner Brad Randall tested the replica
chainsaw on an animal carcass. The results of that experiment will
likely come out in the coming weeks.

(( Source: KELOLAND TV ))