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Dismissed Juror Talks About Wright Trial


By Don Jorgensen / Keloland TV

Jury selection in the Daphne Wright murder trial is going slower than expected. It’s been three weeks and lawyers still haven’t seated a jury.

It’s a painstaking process, weeding through more than 300 potential jurors, excusing them one by one for various reasons.

As a graphic artist for KELO TV, Matthew Brenner knew he’d be working on the Daphne Wright murder trial, grabbing and designing images for the nightly news casts.

But Brenner never thought he’d be called as a potential juror.

“I was a little nervous about being in there, because I know it’s such a serious matter,” said Brenner.

Brenner, who was one of 15 in his group, was questioned about the death penalty, homosexuality and whether or not he supports the death penalty.

Attorneys from both sides also asked him if he thought he could keep from watching news coverage of the trial.

“I figured I was going to be out right away once they knew I worked for KELO,” said Brenner.

But he wasn’t. In fact, they invited Brenner back for a second round of questioning. This time by himself.

“Once they found out I was doing graphics I have no choice to be exposed to the story, I can’t really follow instructions to ignore the coverage, because it’s part of my job,” said Brenner.

In fact, Brenner made graphics for this story. But for someone who is usually behind the scenes at KELO, Brenner enjoyed his moment in the spotlight on such a serious case.

“As far as a sensational trial goes it doesn’t get much better than this,” said Brenner.

Wright, who is deaf and a lesbian, is accused of killing and dismembering Darlene VanderGiesen in what authorities described as a love triangle gone bad. If found guilty, Wright could, not only be the first woman on death row in South dakota, but also the first deaf person.

(( Source: Keloland ))